Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 221

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 221

I love the monthly prompt weeks. More often than not they just seem to work as great inspiration for people and as a result we end up with so many varied but imaginative creative images. They are my favourite weeks, however they also make writing the round-up a special challenge but it is one that I enjoy doing.

Top 5 pics of the Week

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Pennys portrait of Girly juice

Having said all that about the prompt the first image I have picked this week does not feature a chair but it is such a kick ass image in my opinion that is just had to feature in the round-up. This portrait of Girly Juice by Penny is quite simply stunning. Penny is right about her subject being a natural model, both her style and appearance just seem to be made for photography but no matter how good the subject a great photograph is actual created by the photographer. It is their eye, their composition that creates something more than just a snap and Penny has that ability in spades. The combination of the fabulous model and Penny’s talent is undeniably fabulous.

Whole Sex Life

Evoë naked on a little red chair

This one definitely fits the chair prompt. It is one of three images that Evoë posted all of which are lovely but there is something special about this one that just keeps me coming back to it time again. The little red chair, Evoë beautiful body, her bright red lipstick, the umbrella and her blissful expression all combine together perfectly to create a sexy, sultry summertime image.

The Lustful Literate

Woman in chair masturbating

I absolutely love this image, I think it is so hot and sexy. The colours and lighting giving it such a sultry atmosphere but her outfit, the stockings, the stripped shirt and the wonderful office chair give it a slight retro feel, it could almost be a still from a movie as you really get the sense that there is a story to go with this image. Just fabulous.

A to sub Bee

Are You Sitting Comfortably

There is something deliciously sinister about this image. In one way she appears very isolated and most definitely vulnerable but the length of rope running out of the image suggests she is not alone, her captor is right there, just out shot. It is that connection with the invisible other in this image that gives it such a powerfully sexy narrative.

Exposing 40

Shadow of tiny chair on the wall with feet

I have spent a serious amount of time studying this amazing image. The optical illusion created by the chair and the shadow is amazing and my eyes keep playing tricks on me as they struggle to make sense of the how the shadows and the foot actually relate to one another. Oh and the lighting and exposure in this shot is absolutely spot on, resulting in strong clean shadows as well as not over exposing and losing the detail of the actual chair. The whole thing is just absolutely wow!

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 102That Position

strap on and socks

Socks, I LOVE ’em and yes that is part of the reason for picking this image but this shot clearly has way more than socks going for it which makes it an fabulously composed cheeky and playful image. I find myself wondering if maybe she left her other tied to the bed while she took a relaxing coffee break!


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  1. Ack! It’s like I’ve hit the big time! Molly picked me! She picked me! I’m so excited…and honored. Think I’ll have a drink to celebrate…and take some more photos.

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