Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 222

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 222

Red bra on white sheets

The monthly prompt for August is out and vintage/retro is your topic but please do read the post and take a peek at the inspiration I left you as that should hopefully show just how broad this topic is.

This week the round-up is in the hands of someone who I am delighted to call my friend. She is funny, intelligent and a truly fabulous writer and her name is Jade A Waters…

Jade’s top 5 pics of the week

A while back, lovely Molly asked if I’d be interested in writing a Sinful Sunday wrap-up. I was of course delighted, because I fiercely admire the work put out by the participants in this meme. I am moved by those who set out to tease a particular vision as equally as I am by those who blatantly put it on display. There is art and bravery across all these scenes, and for that, I am hugely impressed.

As I clicked through the links, each image made me smile in different ways…but I noticed immediately the aesthetic that draws me in. I’ve always been a visual person, but—product of an illustrator/advertiser parent—I tend toward the slightly glammed up and posed, images with clever camera work, deep shadows, and ridiculously sexy lines. So, while it was difficult to pick only five, the ones below are those that, much later, still dance around in my memory with so much palpable emotion I simply couldn’t let them go.

The Other Livvy

Woman standing on chair in library with sexy legs and heels

This image from The Other Livvy is everything I adore—hyper-posed, flirtatious, and bright. She’s got two things that make my heart pound—sexy heels and books—and the play with the light gives this a borderline vintage feel. I love the teasing nature of it without revealing too much, and, paired with the flash of those legs (goddamn, Livvy, goddamn), this one made me squeal. I want to find it in the back of a magazine advertising what a gal can pull off with good shoes—and I would buy those shoes in a second. Great, great pic.

Dragon’s Kink

Woman with painted nails holding rope

This rope image from Dragon’s Kink bowled me over. To be honest, though I caught on there were other images below it, I did not scroll down—I stopped dead on this. I love the framing effects, and the zoom on the rope so close I can imagine exactly how it would feel in my hands. I’m a sucker for nail art, too, and I’m caught up in how the shell swirl on the middle finger actually matches the coil of the rope. I don’t know if it was intentional, but if not, it’s a beautiful coincidence. In looking at it again, I’m also intrigued by the grey door in the middle, out of focus. It’s almost like a provocative tease—inside that door, all this rope is fair game. Dare to open it? YES.

Illicit Thoughts

Red bra on white sheets

This image is the epitome of what I’m drawn to in photography. It’s simple if you think about it—bra on a bed—and yet it has so many interpretations you can grab from it. Was it just thrown off in the heat of the moment? Is it waiting to be donned for a sexy date? Was it freshly purchased and left out to admire? I could go on and on but I want to hone in on the style itself—the soft focus, the simplicity in the colors, and even the Sinful Sunday words matching the bra color (and god, that’s such a fabulous, deep, dark red!). The shadows in this are incredible as well. I would frame this and put it on a wall for its suggestion alone.

Filth and Erotica

Naked couple embracing

This one made me sigh the sweetest kind of sigh. I dig black and white images, and I can feel the emotion in this one the most. I love the closeness, the serenity between them, the naturalness of it all. It’s cozy and beautiful. I can picture this couple sitting at a table unclothed and drinking coffee next, grinning at one another about what they just shared—so sweet and deliciously perfect!

Love Hate Sex Cake

Woman in lingerie with arched back

Oh, this one. Lordie. There is so much good here. It’s on the dark side, but I’m digging it, like we’ve caught a glimpse of a secret desire behind a closed door. The arc of her body is fantastic, and the texture on the wall seems to highlight that of her body. There’s a juxtaposition of smooth and sharp—smooth bra against sharp ribs, firm jaw against long neck. Damn this woman has great angles. For some reason the parts that caught my eye the most were the kiss of her stockings against her thighs and the stretch of her collarbone. I love that in this dark light the texture of that skin over bone look is heightened, and I can imagine the quiet gasp that might slip from her throat as she waits like this. Wow. Love it!

All of you have completely wowed me. And thank you so much to Molly for allowing me to share my favorites!

You can find Jade on her own blog: Jade Aurora Waters and on Twitter @JadeAWaters

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 103Sex with Rose

gif of woman with nipple tasslesDo I need to explain why? Are you even reading these words or have you been mesmerised by the beautiful Rose. If not, then give it a moment or two and I think you will find you have fallen prey to her tricks!

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  1. Kat says:


    Thank you soooooo much for including my picture! I am thrilled you liked it so much.
    Great choices with the other photos too and congrats to everyone involved.
    Kat x

  2. KaziG says:

    Wow, thanks so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed what I put together! Congrats to the others who share this week’s limelight with me 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Cheeky Minx says:

    Thank yo uso much, Jade. I’m seriously tickled to be included in this amazing lineup. x

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