Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 226

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 226

Couple in suspension bondage laughing

A big thank you to Collared Mom who stepped in at the last minute to take on this weeks round-up. It is very much appreciated.

Collared Mom’s top 5 Pics of the Week

I am constantly surprised by the range of photos that are submitted each week on Sinful Sunday. The creativity and variety of images is amazing. When Molly needed a last minute ‘judge’, I jumped at the chance, thinking it would be easy. But each photo had something that I really connected with and appreciated. Therefore, I had come up with a different method to choose five.
So, as it is my birthday this week I am doing my best to feel young. In this spirit I decided to go with a gut reaction to each photo. The images I chose caused me to smile and remind me of feeling youthful and flirty.

Cammies on the Floor

Couple in suspension bondage laughing
Not only did I smile as soon as I saw this photograph, but there are people smiling in it. Just a great shot of the connection these two have. I’ve been learning a lot about suspension this week and Cammies on the Floor’s work is always amazing.

Sex Blog of Sorts

Tangled bed hair

The smile of ‘oh I’ve been there’ was brought out of this photography from Sex Blog of Sorts. A beautiful look at how great just fucked hair can be in the sunshine. Certainly a sense of accomplishment when your hair looks that good.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly and teddy playing in the garden

An obvious choice for youthfulness and smiles. It just reminded me of Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin running through the 100 acre wood. And as much as this reminds me of the child in me, the idea of an afternoon naked with Sir in the woods sounds like a perfect adult day too.

Exposing 40

Sexy BBW in her undies

I loved the message of this photograph. I feel horrible that their friend had to go through that unnecessary judgement, but this photo is beautiful. I smiled as I read the strength in her words and the confidence in this image is inspiring.

Heart Shaped Lock and Key

Man holding womans foot

At first this photo made me smile because I love the ownership of it. That casual grasp or word that sends a shiver and a tingle through me. But then, I smiled even wider when I recognized that he was playing Alphabear on his iPad (or at least I am pretty sure). Sir is currently obsessed with that game as well, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Great minds…

You can find Collared Mom on her blog Collared Mom and on Twitter @collaredmom

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  1. Larry @ 50shadestodate says:

    Really cool pictures! The swing one is my fave!

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