Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 238

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 238

Woman laying naked on bed in high heels with legs spread

This weekend was the monthly prompt which was ‘Shoot from Above’. It was wonderful to see so many bloggers play around with this technique and yet again you all blew me away with the amazing images that you posted. The new prompt for next month will be out soon but as it is December I suspect you can have a vague guess as to what it might be.

Top 5 Pics of the Week


Woman laying naked on bed in high heels with legs spread

There is something very coy about the tilt of her ankle on the left of this image that really contrasts with the rest of  her pose, but that just adds to the narrative of the shot and the angle from which it is taken really makes us feel like we have just walked into the room to be greeted with this beautiful vision of wanton lust laid out upon the bed. The whole thing is just seriously fucking hot!

Cherrytart Blog

View from above of naked woman sitting crossed leg

I think this image shows perfectly how shooting from above can be such an interesting and flattering angle to shoot from. It is never an angle or view that we see of ourselves, unless you spend time holding the mirror over your head that is, but yet it is one that I think our lovers probably enjoy fairly often. I love the colour filter of this image too, there is something about the soft pastel tones that just work perfectly with the floral bed-cover and bring out the rosy pink blush of her beautiful nipples

Prick Your Finger

Women with surgery scars on stomach with man kneeling between her thighs

I have struggled to find the words to do this image justice. It is a stunningly powerful shot that challenges the viewer to really think about how the nature of beauty as prescribed by the main stream media has invaded our culture so dramatically warping our ideals and expectations of sex and sensuality without us even being aware of it. This image shouts at the top of its voice a different and utterly beautiful message about body positively and in doing so celebrates love, acceptance, desire and passion

Kinky Biker Mom

Woman kissing head of erect penis

I think this image is perfect in black and white. We are left with nothing to distract us from the shape of his cock and the beautiful pattern of veins running beneath the skin, the way her hair falls across her cheek and the lovely curved shape of her mouth.

Lil Miss Shalla

Woman topless wearing halloween mask

There were a fair few Halloween offerings this week to but this one really did jump out at me because shooting from this angle completely changed the feel of the mask. In the other image the mask appears playful and quirky but in this it is a delicious sinister edge to it that when coupled with the open shirt and the view of her breasts makes her look some sort of tantalizing demon trying to lure you into her world of mischief.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 115Love Hate Sex Cake

naked self portrait of cheeky minx

Sexy, sultry and sensual this image is one you can get thoroughly lost in. Explore the shadows and find hair, wild and flowing, a glimmer of shoulder, a hint of nipple pressing against the fabric and of course the perfectly delicious curve of her beautiful bottom. The whole thing is just delicious.


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