Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 240

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 240

Sassy Cat wearing hat and moustache

The prompt for December is out now, time for you all to get your festive sexy on!

This weeks round-up is bought to you by the fabulous Kinky Biker Mom

Kinky Biker Mom’s top 5 pics

Thank you so much to Molly for letting me host Sinful Sunday this week all the posts are so lovely and it was hard to pick which were my favorite! However I loved doing it!

Happy Come Lucky

Close up shot of nipple

This shot is smoking hot she has not only captured the simple sexyness of the nipple but she has captured the details in the wrinkles around the hardened nipple. This shot is simply amazing!

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Sassy Cat wearing hat and moustache

It’s Movember 2015. Not only does she rock the mustache she is sexy as hell and these photo’s are simply so much fun!

Steeled Snake

Woman in bra and jeans

This is simply a sexy shot the way her shows the roundness of her breasts and the way her jeans fit her so snuggly the sexy roundness of her bottom and the way she has left her jeans undone all suggest nothing but pure sexuality!

Undress Me

I chose this one because I love a man in his suit… but I also love to get a man out of his suit, there is just something so sexy about a man in a suit.

Tales from a Porn Clerk

Man licking another mans bum

The way that this photo is blurry but yet it shows so much details of what a wonderful breakfast this man is lucky enough to have.

Thank you to Kinky Biker Mom for this weeks round-up you can find her on her own blog Kinky Biker Mom and on Twitter @KinkyBikerMom

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 117 – Dragon’s Kink

Women chained and in leg spreaders

This is one of those fabulous images that plays with your minds eye. When you think about it all you can see is Kazi’s legs, the spreader bar, some chain and the hint of some red rope and yet the moment you look at it you can not help but fill in the rest, the bits you don’t see but you know are there. This is a shot that lets your imagination out to play

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  1. Mcpervy says:

    Oh my god! Thankyou so much. I’d just like to thank my agent and my stylist. The owner of that hot ass whoever you are,I share this honor with you…my partner without your constant acceptance of our open relationship I would not get the chance to sin the way I do.

    In all seriousness thank you very much.there was some stiff competition as always.

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