Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 246

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 246

Before I dive into the last Round-up of 2015 I just wanted to let everyone know that as of next week I will be publishing Sinful Sunday slightly earlier on a Saturday. Up till now the page has always gone live around 10.30pm (GMT) but that means that if @domsigns and I are out on a Saturday evening things can be a little tricky and so rather than posting it early on those occasions I have decided to move it forward a few hours permanently, so from next week the page will be published at approx 6.00pm GMT. Also, it will be the 1st Sunday of the month and so the prompt weekend!

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Happy Come Lucky

bright candle with woman masturbating in the shadows

This is such a clever image. You really have to spend a few moments with it to discover his secrets which lurk in the shadows. Brilliant.

Cherry Tart Blog

Cherry in winter jumper with bra showing

There is something very sexy about this shot, the thick wool cardigan falling open to reveal a flash of black lace bra, the flash of bare thigh and the way her hair is curling round her neck all come together to create a sensual delight.

Malin James

Malin in red dressing gown reading

It seems it was a lazy type of Sunday for quite a few people including Malin who posted this beautiful shot of her, wrapped in a luscious red dressing gown enjoying one of her Christmas presents. If there was ever proof that reading is sexy then this is surely it. I look at this image and it makes me yearn for a lazy day to enjoy a good book.

Rebel’s Notes

Winter snow scene between Rebel't thighsWhat a truly fabulous image. Now this is my kind of winter Christmas scene, the little figures, the lights, the snow all set against a very naughty background of sexy thighs and a beautiful pussy. Clever idea brilliantly done.

Steeled Snake

Woman on all fours in front of open fire

This is one of those images that makes me want to reach into it. I find the view across her back mesmerizing and incredibly sexy; the hint of her bottom and the rise of her hips, they way that falls away into the curve of her waist and the long tendrils of her hair cascading down over her back. I find it all so beautifully erotic.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 123 – Behind the Chintz Curtain

Woman with glitter on her tummy

I love how Jane has angled the light to not only illuminate the glitter but to give it texture too, it shimmers on her skin drawing creating a pathway for the eye to explore.


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