Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 247

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 247

Man sitting in window naked

What a great start to the New Year on Sinful Sunday the Windows prompted turned out to be. The images that resulted were so diverse and so creative. You are a talented lot and I found myself hugely inspired by many of the posts and really looking forward to the rest of the year on Sinful Sunday.

Just a quick reminder, in case you missed it last week. Sinful Sunday will, from now on, be open slightly earlier on a Saturday at approx 6pm (GMT)

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Maria Opens Up

Maria with shadows across her body

I love how the shadows play across her figure and appear to caressing the contours of her body. They just serve to accentuate the fullness of her beautiful bottom and the way her hips curve into the tight nip of her waist. Yes the window is there but it is most definitely not what our eye is drawn to instead we are drawn into the image and can not help but follow the shadows over her body.

Kilted Wookie

Man sitting in window naked

I love KW’s photography. He has a great mix of sexy, playful and down right funny but this one falls into a category all of it’s own. There is something very sensual about the image. He looks so relaxed that we feel we have stumbled across a quiet contemplative moment. he seems utterly comfortable in his little spot and with his nakedness. There is something whimsical and soft about the whole thing that I just adore.

Illicit Thoughts

Hand on misty window inspired my the scene from the movie Titanic

Yes I loved that movie. I know many people consider it to be cheesy but I don’t care, I was happy to be swept up in Jack and Rose’s love story and I always though the scene in the car was incredibly hot. That hand on the window said absolutely everything and Kat’s reaction of that famous moment does exactly the same. I love the blue wash tones, makes me believe in the condensation, the cold winter is outside, the heat of the moment is trapped within.

Exposing 40

Woman standing in window wearing bra

As I said in the comments on this post, this is fucking brilliant. It has such a wonderful film noir feeling to it that gives it a gloriously creepy, sinister narrative that total does it for me. When I look at this image I can not help but hear the dark suggestive music that should be playing and a little shiver of excitement/fear rushes through me.

Cherry Tart Blog

Looking out of window with knickers showing

There is something so utterly adorable about this image. The combination of cute fluffy socks and the way the simple, almost girlish panties, are wrinkled across her bottom gives it an slightly innocent coy feeling that I find incredibly sexy

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 124Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Peeny with Sushi as a mouth gag

This image is a challenging combination of fabulously sexy and darkly disturbing that I find intoxicating. The shape of her mouth is oddly doll like and the fact we can not see her eyes enhances that slightly uncomfortable feeling that she is without identity but just a play thing to be toyed with.


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  1. Kilted Wookie says:

    Thanks Molly. I’m so glad you liked it.


  2. […] for all the comments, and especially to Molly for including me in this week’s round-up. I am quite blown away by the response that this photo has received; taken as it was using my […]

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