Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 268

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 268

Woman seeing nude in plastic see through chair sinful sunday

Final reminder that this Sunday (5th June) it is time to share with us your images for the monthly prompt!

Molly’s Top 5 pics of the Week

Modesty Ablaze

Woman seeing nude in plastic see through chair sinful sunday

Firstly I want this chair. What a fabulous piece of furniture and second what a fabulous bottom it is showing off. I love how the chair is cupping her beautiful bottom showing off how full and how it tapers off into the narrowing of her waist. But this is an image that if you linger has more because there is a tantalizing reflection of the room she is in that once I found it I was searching all over her bottom for added little details.


Self portrait infinity mirror

A bit like Modesty’s image above this is another one to linger over and explore all the little details that slowly come to light. There are multiple reflections of Ouizzi as well as the image on her phone and of course we are also treated to a stunning view of her back with her long hair draped down just brushing across the top of her panties.

Life of Elliot… and all the Jizz

Mirror self portrait of man wearing penis pump

It seems the mirror prompt has inspired lots of people to continue exploring their use within their images and Elliot has definitely done that in his shot this week. It took me a moment to work out the angle of this shot and to be honest for a brief second I thought this was two people but its not, what it is, is a very clever image that delivers one man from 2 viewpoints.

Exposing 40

woman laying naked on woodland path

At first glance this is a lush woodland scene but then right in the middle of it is something unexpected, the body of a naked woman. This image totally taps into my love of erotic images that have sinister overtones. By places in her in such a huge scene Exposing 40 is pivotal to the image and yet isolated and vulnerable within it. There are so many possible stories that could go with this shot but in my mind they are all full of dark and menacing thrills.

F Dot Leonora

Woman with arms over her face

As someone commented on Leonora’s post this has a real feel of old Hollywood about it. The muted tones definitely give it a vintage feel and the shapes and shadows create an almost abstract study of the human form. It is intriguing, sensual and very artistic.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 147Gritty Woman

Womans breast with ice cube

Oh the anticipation in this image is so apparent. The glistening block of ice just resting on her flesh combined with the goosebumps and the puckered nipple really do say it all. I can easily imagine the gasp that she made as the ice found its mark.


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