Sinful Sunday Round-up 314

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 314

Woman getting an over the knee spanking

Don’t forget that the prompt for May is out now.

This week the round up is in the hands of the fabulous Cara Thereon. This is her first time writing a round-up and I hope she enjoyed the challenge. You can find her on her own blog Cara Thereon and on Twitter @Thereon_cara

Cara’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

I was honored to be asked to do this week’s round up. It’s difficult picking five because I understand the thought put into each person’s entry as well as how my personal preferences guide my choices. I will say each was spectacular and I was impressed with the care each person put into what they posted.

How I decided on what I picked was my gut reaction when I saw just the image. Some were easy to explain. The angle or the care in the figure. Others were harder, more my mind in the moment and how the image made me long or want.

Exposing 40

Yellow Roses between womans naked thighs

This was so bright to me. Just from the thumbnail alone the flowers were so playful and fun, lovely against her skin. It was sexy and sweet, two things I can’t resist.

Hannah Lects

Woman wearing crotchless panties touching her clit

All I could think about was the tease when I saw it. I literally imagined sitting at her feet, leaning in close, and watching her fingers play through the silk of her panties

Little Switch Bitch

Woman on her knees wearing red laced up panties

Those sexy ass panties aside, I can’t seem to help imagine the reverse of the previous photo. Her leaning down with her head glancing between my thighs. But those panties are sooooo hot, that red so vibrant.

Accidental Masturbator

Nude man reaching out for camera

It’s all composition of this one. It absolutely caught my eye because thought I know he’s reaching for the camera, it felt like he was reaching out to touch me.

Steamy Bedtime

Woman getting an over the knee spanking

An action shot I felt to my core. As a hard core spankophile, it was easy to see myself in that shot. The way he anchors her to him, the way his hand sinks into her flesh as it lands, the heat that suffuses her body from that spank. It made me react and there was no way I could pass by the image.


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  1. Thanks Cara. It’s an honour to be honoured.

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