Sinful Sunday Round-up 316

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 316

Woman laying face down on bed bound in white rope with it passing between her toes

Don’t forget this coming Sunday is finally the prompt weekend!

Molly’s top 5 pics of the week

The Other Livvy

Watching through the window woman laying on bed masturbating

I have a bit of a thing for images that speak to my love of voyeurism and this one does that in bucket loads. At first I find myself peering in through the window, admiring Livvy’s body on the bed and her apparent ignorance of the fact she is being watched, she looks beautiful and serene but then as you spend a bit longer with the image you see the hint of a reflection of her ‘watcher’ in the glass which adds a slightly sinister layer to this image which I love.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Disabled couple fucking in spooning position

If you read the comments that people left on this post you will see the word intimate or intimacy was repeated over and over again and rightly so in my opinion. This image truly captures a sense of intimacy that is beautiful and sexy in equal measures.

Enigma 13

Nude man drilling hole in the city sky line


There is something about this image that is just weird and quirky. Why is there a nude man drilling a hole in the city sky line? The colours almost make it look like he has wondered onto a film set and he looks both oddly out of place whilst also like he is completely comfortable with it and therefore should absolutely be there. It is a brilliantly weird image and I love it.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman sitting in bed drinking tea looking down her body to her legs

There is something very sensual and also rather calming about this image. It reminds me of chilled weekend mornings laying bed with a cup of coffee or tea depending on your choice of morning brew. It feels warm, inviting, almost decadent and reminds me that mornings spent like this are never a waste of time. Oh and that Eye has fucking AWESOME legs!

Fire and Honey

Woman laying face down on bed bound in white rope with it passing between her toes

Violet had trouble picking a favourite image and so posted all three and I can totally see why because she then gave me a real problem when it came to picking one of them to showcase here in the round-up. I spent a long time considering them all but in the end it was this one that just kept calling me back.  The way the white rope is passing between her toe makes me shiver a little at the thought of that odd sensation and there is something about the shallow depth of field and the light that I just find hugely pleasing to the eye.


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