Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 321

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 321

Man laying naked in the sun

Welcome to the weekly round-up and this past Sunday was prompt weekend and the topic was Outdoor Photography something that is a particular passion of mine but I knew would be a real challenge for some folks however I shouldn’t have worried because you were all amazing. I have spent the last hour sitting here with 10 images open in my browser trying to pick between them to get me down to 5. I have done it but I really do want to say that there were so many good images it was tough.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


Man laying naked in the sun

I love the colours in this stunning shot, the deep blue sky the lush green grass are just so vibrant and could almost over power this image but somehow they don’t. I think it is the angle which most definitely gives it a voyeuristic feel as if we are spying on him through the grass and watching him relax in the sun. It is a beautiful male nude shot and I love it.

A to sub Bee

Nude woman laying on top of rocks

The contrast between her pale pink skin and the dark cold stone is what makes this image for me. I can almost feel the cool smoothness against my own skin. As for the dirty feet, they only add to narrative of a naked woman communing with nature.

The Other Livvy

Woman naked in gothic graveyward in paris

I have a thing for communing with nature but I also have a huge thing for communing with the dead and this image appeals speaks directly to that love. The setting is amazing, the grandiose Gothic graves and crypts all piled in make it look almost like some sort of graveyard climbing frame. However it is Livvy’s beautiful naked body and the way she is standing on tiptoe leaning up against that stone that just turns this image into a story and an intriguing one at that because she looks playful, happy even, as if she is playing hide and seek in this most unlikely of settings.

Parallel Secrets

Nude Man in wood holding ferns in front of face

And we are back to nature and I do have to say that is was lovely to see so many men frolicking in the outdoors this week and this was one of my favourites because it is playful, cheeky and fun and there is something very sexy about those things as far as I am concerned

Cleareyed Girl

upskirt shot

This one is very different from all my other pics this week but it is without doubt my favourite image of the week because it is as hot as fuck. I don’t even know why but there is something about it that makes me wriggle in my seat. I think it is a combination of the illicitness of it, that implication that we are getting a sneaky look up her skirt but there is also something about the powder blue sky that speak of summer and warmth and the way her panties are riding up and her soft plump lips are peeking out that makes me want to put my hand up her skirt.


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