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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 364

So the prompt this month was to celebrate the fun, silly happy side of life as it was also April’s 1st and I loved the huge variety of posts that really captured the fun and joy of sex and bodies. There will be a new prompt out very soon so keep an eye out for that and in the meantime here are top pics this week.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The Misadventures of Bear and Cub

Gingerbread man decorated in bra panties and fishnet stockings

My biscuit making skills are pretty good but my decorating ones are definitely lacking compared to this amazing creation. The fine detail of this icing is awesome with the fishnets stocking and the suspender belt. It made me giggle and want kinky decorated biscuits.

Modesty Ablaze

bottle of wine on table with two glasses with red bikini bottoms hanging over the top looking out over the ocean

This is just such a good picture. I love how the bikini and the wine match up colour wise but the whole thing just screams happy fun summer holidays. It could totally be a cover on a summer romance novel.

The Other Livvy

man going down on woman with cat sitting on the bed next to them watching

As someone who is graced with a feline resident who has on more than one occasion sat on the bed next to us while we are fucking looking either vaguely disapproving or down right bored this image made me laugh out loud. The look on Edward’s face is absolutely priceless and so typically cat!

Aurora Glory

Mans bum with sunglasses and lipstick mouth with straw going into his bottom and attched to a can of drink

This is an absolutely brilliant and hilarious image. Genius idea on Auroras part and excellently executed also kudos to the bum model for being such a great sport.


Woman with bunnies painted on her breasts, her nipples being their little noses

I adore these cute little bunnies with their upright ears and adorably perky little noses. Not only does this one fit the prompt perfectly but it also managed to combine it with it also being Easter.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 360

Firstly I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the awesome folks at Crimson Princess for sponsoring this months prompt. Their support helps to offset some of the costs of running this project so please do go and check them out and maybe order yourself something a little something while you are there.

Crimson Princess shop banner

This week the prompt was Rule of Thirds. I knew it would be a challenging one but I was also hopeful that it would help people to explore something new with regards to photography. From reading all the posts that does seem to have been the case for many, so I am really pleased with that. For the round-up I have picked 5 images that I feel really nailed the rules of thirds well.

Molly’s Top 5 pics of the Week

Pieces of Jade

Woman kneeling on the floor beside the bed

There is something so very expressive about Jade’s beautiful back in this shot. The way the light is showing of the muscles in her back which speaks to her physical strength and the juxtaposition of that with her submissive pose is really powerful. As for the rule of thirds if you imagine the grid over this Jade sits in the centre of the right hand line and the rise of her bottom fits perfectly at the intersection of the grid in the top right hand corner all of which makes this is a visually pleasing image.

Rebel’s Notes

Curve of womans waist and nipple through her black lace

Damn this is so sexy, that curve of her waist and the dark pink blush of her nipple through the lace is beautiful. It seems like such a simple image and in many ways it is, but the placement of herself perfectly along the outer line of the rule of thirds grid is spot on.


Nude of woman from side view with blue tinted light

The shadows, the light, the curves and form of her body; this image is truly stunning and an almost perfect use of the rule of thirds. All the areas of interest run along the bottom line of the grid and her beautiful pert nipple sits where the grid intersects on the bottom left of the image.

Accidental Masturbator

mans bum with gstring

The way the knot of the thread falls perfectly at the top right intersection of the rule of thirds grid is brilliant. I have no idea if the image was shot like that or cropped to that view, but it doesn’t matter either way because the result is a perfect example of how simplicity can make for a very strong photograph.

Illicit Thoughts

Woman's face in black and white with focus on her eye

I am happy to admit that I find this image captivating. She looks beautiful and also magical, like she might be some sort of fairy or good witch. I really hope Kat gets this printed out as I think it would look amazing on printed on pure white paper. And do I really need to say that the image works so well because her eye looks out at you from that perfect spot on the image where the rule of third grid intersects in the Top right?

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 350

Don’t forget there is one more week until prompt weekend!

I love all the Christmas themed images this week and I could have happily picked them all but in the end there can be only 5

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Modesty Ablaze

Nude woman in front of outdoor Christmas tree

Modesty’s pictures are always full of fun and joy and this one is no exception. There is just no way you can look at this image and not smile and that to me makes it a perfect Christmas image.

Cara Thereon

Woman with bauble between her thighs and mans face on a screen in front of her

This is such a simple but clever shot. I love the soft downy hairs on her thighs and that you can just make out the reflection of Cara taking the shot in the bauble between her legs but it is the smiling face on the screen beyond that is a brilliant finishing touch.

Sex Matters

Nude man wrapped up in christmas lights in black and white

There quite a few wrapped up in lights images this week but this one was my favourite. The black and white edit works surprisngly well giving him an angelic glow and the lights pick up the detail of the hair of his legs and face and deep in the shadows you can just make out the shape of his cock. A truly beautiful shot.

Watching Distant

Woman in lingerie over santas knee who is spanking her

I wrote a piece of short fiction a few weeks back about a girl who liked to imagine a naughty Santa visiting her on Christmas Eve. This picture would have been perfect along side that story. There is a whole series of images in this post but it is this one with his menacing shadow hand on the wall that is my favourite.

Steamy Bedtime

Woman in front of Christmas tree with rope tied around her shoulders

I think this shot is stunning. I love how it captures the tension in her arms and shoulders and the light picks out the detail in rope. It is lovely to see these guys back on Sinful Sunday and I think this might be my current favourite shot by them.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 347

Yay for prompt weekend and this time your task was another colour theme; Red and as per usual the resulting images were all amazing but there can be only 5 here so…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The Other Livvy

nude woman in front of small window with red brake lights from car shining on her body

There is something about the grittiness of this image and the string of lights over the window that makes it look like Livvy might be a lady of the night, showing of her wares to passersbys through her little window. The red light beyond the window only adds to that feel and there is something about the way she is looking out of the window that only adds to that narrative for me.

Temperatures Rising

Woman sitting on carpet with christmas bausble between her legs

At first glance it is just a red bauble on the floor between Mrs Fever’s legs but the more you look the more you realise that the bauble actually contains a lot more of Mrs Fever at which point if you are like me you are soon tilting your head trying to pick out the details that you know must be there but can’t quite make out.

Lascivious Lucy

Woman in red blouse with buttons open showing off red satin bra

I love the way her shirt is open just enough to reveal a tantalizing sexy glimpse of her red satin bra and the stunning gorgeous cleavage. I find this picture incredibly sexy

Tits and Test Tubes

Red and black panties round womans ankles

You can’t go wrong with red satin and black lace. It is always a sexy combination and I am sure these knickers look amazing on Jadis but I do know they look very suggestive wrapped round her ankles like this.

Tabitha Rayne

Woman holding companct mirror with reflection of her red lips showing in the mirror

I figgin love this image by Tabitha. The use of negative space is brilliant. The double reflection, giving us two slightly different views of her lips really jump out of the muted background. It must have taken some work to get the focus just right and hold the mirror at just the right angle to be able to get the shot but not have the camera reflected in the mirror. Just brilliant work!

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