Sinful Sunday Round-up 435

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 435

Nude of woman with a shell over her pubes

The prompt for September is out now.

This week I am delighted to welcome Deviant Succubus for the first time to the round-up. You can find her on her blog Deviant Succubus and on Twitter @DeviantSuccubus

Deviant Succubus’ Top 5 Pics

I felt so very excited when Molly asked if I were up to doing a Sinful Sunday round-up. Of course I was! I love participating in Sinful Sunday and seeing everyone’s creative entries each week. An erotic picture can be so many things, and more often than not, it doesn’t even have to be fully nude or from the most flattering angle. I see beauty in pictures that are different, creative and thought-though. Those that make statements about body positivity and inclusivity. An image that makes me think or feel, that makes me see beauty in things that are conventionally dismissed as flaws. A picture is a piece of art that tells a story. There were many beautiful and enticing stories told this week, and it was very difficult to pick those that I want to highlight. Here are the five that spoke to me most:

Exposing 40

Man in bra and thigh high boots holding flogger

Queer Goddess is a picture taken by exposing40, of the beautiful Eve Ray. This is a very powerful image, showing the dichotomy of feminine and masculine features wonderfully combined in an enticing symphony of queerness; the angle is both exposing and drawing my attention to intriguing details. There is so much to see in this image of a true queer goddess.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

woman sitting naked in a river

Hold back the River by Molly is one of those pictures that tell a story. The shadows of the leaves on her naked skin, the way her face turns away from the camera, the stillness of it all. This image has so much beauty in it, yet also oozes a depth of emotions and leaves you pondering about the forces of nature, and our tears, that sometimes just mercilessly flush over us.

Focused and Filthy

Nude of woman with a shell over her pubes

Shell by Focused and Filthy is a picture that is about patterns and movement. The patterns of the beautiful marks on her skin seem to be connected to the patterns on the single shell covering her most private part. My eyes follow all those lines, almost giving an illusion of movement. This image made me dream about tracing those lines with my fingers, and creating the motions I imagine.

My Controlled Ascent

naked women with rolling pin held tight across the folds of her belly

Dough by Kisungura represents strength and determination for me. The strength lies in the wonderful round lines of her shape, the way the hands hold on to the rolling pin, the proud position in which she stands. There is so much beauty in that kind of strength. The determination shows in what the picture stands for: we are all different yet the same, we can shape ourselves out of what we have been born with. So very clever, and so very beautiful!

Blue Submission

woman in balck lingerie in a river

Water Nymph by Blue Submission has a very mysterious vibe to it. She truly looks like a wonderfully enticing water nymph. The angle of the picture makes me feel like a secret voyeur, peeking through the leaves to observe the magical figure playing in her element, trying to catch a glimpse of her intriguing figure. A story is being told.


2 Responses

  1. Great selection, from a wonderful array of contenders.

  2. Eve Ray says:

    I am so happy to be included. The comments have been so lovely and the whole experience has been empowering and affirming. Sending big queer love to all in our wonderful little community ❤

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