Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 423

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 423

Woman benind g forward with a trail of hair running down her back

Don’t forget the monthly prompt is out now and you have just over a week to get your pictures done.

This week it is my pleasure to welcome Nikki from Love is Fetish to the roundup for the first time. You can find on her on her own blog Love is a Fetish and on Twitter @loveisafetish

Nikki’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sinful Sunday was the first prompt I came across last year in the sex blogging/erotic art community. I was immediately blown away by the participants, and found everyone’s work so inspiring. It has been the one prompt that I adamantly try and contribute to every week, so when Molly asked me if I wanted to do a round-up I was near giddy with delight. I know everyone says it, but folks, it is hard to narrow down this much sexiness into only five selections!

Little Switch Bitch

Woman with paddle mark on her bottom

Little Switch Bitch always leaves me in awe of her delicate, yet remarkably powerful images. This one is no exception, and it gives me an incredible feeling of envy, as I am a big fan of impact play. Her perfect skin puffed up by delicious crop strikes (I assume?) is just begging for finger tips to trace. The hint of panties adds a nice touch of softness next to the welts.

Maria Open’s Up

Looking up womans body who is fixing ppipes with a wrench

This shot is so much fun and seriously smoking hot. I particularly enjoy the combination of the delicate soft skin and exposed flesh with the cold, hard, metal tools. It is a stunning, seamless dichotomy of soft and hard. I love that she got such a thrill and sense of accomplishment for fixing that pesky sink. I know I for one, am thankful it required a little handiwork!

Floss Does Life

View through womans legs to man with legs tied together

Be still my beating heart, again with the feminine and masculine. This image by Floss is simply stunning. There are so many lines, textures and patterns that it keeps my eyes traveling all over the image and back again trying to take it all in. A perfect study in contrast that I adore. Do I also spy with my little eye a chastity device peeking out from the darkness?

Puppet’s Secret

Woman with purple hair and blidfold having her head pulled back

I love everything about this post by Deviant Succubus, every single detail is gorgeous. The title perfectly captures this stunning beauty of a shot. The strong grip in her soft, purple hair, followed by the delicate black lace on perfect ivory skin, broken up only by the faint trace of black lipstick. Dangling earrings draw the eye down the frame to the flawless skin that seems to go on forever. This photograph is a beautiful D/s story frozen in time.

My Controlled Ascent

Woman benind g forward with a trail of hair running down her back

Shoulders caught my breath. What a serene, vulnerable moment I feel Kis gives us a glimpse of here. I love the shoulder blades, personally because I know she is a swimmer, and those arms do some work, so it is nice to be able to appreciate them for joy and comfort they bring her. The brilliant sliver of the collar is so poignant here too, I believe, to accompany the quote. I also really appreciate the stray, yet graceful curls that are winding their way down her glowing skin. This is a piece of art I would proudly hang on my wall.


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