Sinful Sunday Round-up 402

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 402

Woman wearing red lipstick with come on her chest

Well here we are, the very last round-up of 2018. I can’t believe the year is almost done, yet again it seems to have flashed past but it has been a great year on Sinful Sunday with traffic numbers continuing to build, more sponsoring coming along to help support the project, more blogs joining in on a regular basis than ever before (thank you folks for that, because it is YOU who make this meme what it is) and we got to the 400th week of Sinful Sunday. I never dreamed that would ever happen when I started this project but here we are, going from strength to strength and I have my eye on the 500th week and some potential plans to make it very special but we got 98 other weeks to do first so let’s all keep on taking pictures.

Oh and don’t forget that in just over a week’s time it will be the 1st Sunday of the month and that means prompt time

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Pain as Pleasure

Woman looking into the camera smiling. Over her shoulder is nude man tied to metal frame

This image hits me right in my lustful gut. The way Elita is looking into the camera, the knowing look in her eye and the soft smile on her face, she looks like lust, desire, wickedness and she makes my heart skip a beat and then behind her, waiting his fate, the man who will in moment be her focus. Being with a female dominant is not something that usually ticks a box for me but damn it if this picture doesn’t make my mind wander to what it would be like to take BibulousOne’s place.

Tabitha Rayne

Small breasted woman holding penny in front of her nipple

So not a picture of Tabitha but a guest post by the blogger formerly known as Behind the Chintz Curtain. A brilliant writer and photographer and I miss her very much so it was lovely to see this absolutely stunningly beautiful shot by her and I hope that maybe in 2019 I can lure her back to both writing and photography a bit more often.

Focused and Filthy

Woman sitting backward in chair wearing only striped stockings

I do love me a good pair of stockings and damn these are a pretty eye catching pair, a bit like other things in this picture. It is also a brilliant take on the very iconic image of the beautiful Christine Keeler, taking that idea and most definitely making it her own stripy version.

Accidental Masturbator

looking through mans legs to his testicales in ring stretchers

Another image that whilst not speaking to my kink totally grabs my attention. Yes because it is a brilliantly taken image, the framing, the symmetry, the reflection all combine to create something wonderfully easy on the eye but then I find myself wondering what it would be like to reach between his legs and run my fingernail over the taunt skin of his balls. Would he twitch, gasp? I will have to let my imagination answer that

Purple’s Gem

Woman wearing red lipstick with come on her chest

The words that go along with this image made me chuckle as it is basically a school science report on the application of come to someones face to help with Rosacea. I think the jury is out on its effectiveness, but not on this absolutely breathtakingly sexy image. I love the hot red lips and the pale complexion of her skin and then beyond the soft swell of her breasts and the pearly white smattering of come on her chest just makes me squirm and remember all the perfectly wonderful times I have worn his come like that too.



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