Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 397

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 397

abstract of woman in tails with no head

Welcome to the weekly round-up and this weeks guest is a regular reader of the Sinful Sunday rather than a contributor and it lovely to have her picking her top images this week and this is Tiggs who you can find on Twitter @100AcreSub 

Before we find out who is in her round up a little reminder from me that the December prompt is out now.

Tiggs Top 5 Pics of the Week

This has been a particularly tough few months with work – leaving so little but such precious time to connect to my kinks and sexuality. This time is my pleasure and to spend it reviewing these wonderful pics has been a joy (especially sat on a crowded commuter train paying careful attention to them and relishing the thought of a stranger’s internal gasp as they furtively glance over my shoulder … anyway I digress). They made my morning and maybe that of the commuters around me 😉

A Leap of Faith

Woman wearing black high heel tied with her leps open over rock outdoors

This image challenges our ideas of kink outdoors. It’s not just back to nature and stripping bare. Or socks and sandals naturism. The shoe’s shine and gloss shouldn’t belong juxtaposed among the ferns. But they do – connected by the rough natural hewn rope. The angle draws the gaze up but the focus is on the shoe and rope. This keep us grounded – metaphorically or figuratively and physically.

Love is a Paraphilia

mirror image of woman holding glass dildo

This is no ‘not another black and white pic’. The choice helps us focus on structure, texture, and form. The mirroring centres the eye so there is no doubt where we should be focused. The point of view make me think – this could be me playing with double trouble, made possible by the sight line drawing us to the hands and feet. But my attention keeps going back to the bumps on the glass and the tears in the fishnets. Lovely detail that keeps me and my imagination engaged.

Love, Violet

abstract of red lips and nose

This takes such a simple selfie segment and in a Warhol style tiles across our screen. The single colour adds boldness and I want to kiss each of these lips over and over 🙂 as another commentator mentioned this could be a book cover too, with secrets to be whispered within 🙂

Sex Matters

abstract of woman in tails with no head

This oozed fun. It transformed a garden into a circus big top. I am imagining a ringmaster all top hat and tails in control, but in one simple illusion is transformed, now bound, unseeing, masked, and waiting for the knife thrower.

My Controlled Ascent

Reflection in champagne bottle of topless woman

All that sparkles and shines! The champagne bottle with an added layer of celebration- coz boobies and bubbles! Perfect alliterative combo !!
Sorry, but I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm 🙂 This is a fun image that captured the celebration. Overall this made me smile and it’s clever and it’s well composed.


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