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Stair Gazing… (Guest Post)

This week I am delighted host a guest post this week from @Swirlingfire who was inspired to join in by the monthly prompt.


The lower stairs I used to sit upon as a small child –  Waiting for Daddy to come home from work – waiting for my cuddles before bed;

The lower stairs I used to sit upon as a teenager – talking endlessly to friends on the once common rotary dial telephone;

The lower stairs upon which my father exhaled his last breath….

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home,

The stairs are the entrance and exits to the lives that walk through this house


woman in lace stocking on stairsSinful Sunday bagde


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  1. What a delight. Simply gorgeous. Love the words too

  2. Lovely, deeply moving words to accompany an equally wonderful photo.


  3. Wow, amazing words that beautifully enhance the image.

  4. That is just lovely – memories what would we do without them?

  5. What a nice post. Welcome. Nice legs too.

  6. Oh my!

    I am so glad she was inspired to join in. 🙂

  7. Firebird has asked me to say thanks for all your kind words here. I am so delighted that she joined us this week and I can see you are too 🙂

  8. Beautiful words and lovely picture.

  9. Such deep moving words and so many memories. A lovely picture to enhance them as well

  10. Wow you have fabulous legs and the words that go with this image are very poignant


  11. Wonderful shot of an amazing pair of legs. Welcome xx

  12. So glad you joined in! Your words are so meaningful and the photo is gorgeous. Especially the elegance of your top foot!
    Aurora x

  13. Beautiful shapely legs.

  14. This really is a gorgeous image! Very creative!

    Rebel xox

  15. What a beautiful image and a poignant poem. I hope you’ll share more with us!

  16. Wonderful thoughts and amazing legs.

  17. Beautiful reflections and happy to see that you’ve joined in. Know this would have been a big step (excuse the pun!) for you. Xx

  18. Firebird (@Swirlingfire) has asked me to post to say thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments on this picture. Such a fab community.

  19. lovely sexy legs

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