Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 329

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 329

Nude woman laying on bed with vintage cameras

This is your finally reminder for the prompt weekend which is this coming Sunday!

Sadly the person scheduled to do the round-up this week had to pull out due to work commitments but I am hopefully they will be back to deliver a round-up later in the year but for now you are stuck with me instead

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Helen Scott

Nude woman laying on bed with vintage cameras

Camera’s and boobs, two of my favourite things but this image also has a third thing that I love and that is great, creative photography. The vintage cameras remind me of a bygone era and I look at this image and can image a lady with her prized cameras laying on the bed taking pictures of what or whom?

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Man standing on bed changing lightbulb naked

How many Doms does it take to change a lightbulb? Clearly the answer in this case is one and whilst he is doing it the thing to do is take a great photo of him. I love that we can see her sprawled on the bed watching him complete the task and we are also treated to her very sexy view of him too.

The Other Livvy

Woman laying naked on four poster bed with nude men reflected in the mirror

This is one sumptuous bed and it contains the very beautiful form of Livvy who looks utterly relaxed in it but as you let your eye wander further into the image you discover not only that you can see more of her than you thought but that she is not alone.

Wriggly Kitty

woman laying in the sun on the beach naked

This is a picture of my kind of bliss, laying on the beach, listening to the sea as it meets the shore and feeling the heat of the sun in my bones and the sweat prickling on the surface of my skin. I want to crawl into this image with Kitty and lay down beside her, perfectly naked like she is, and experience it all with her

You won’t tame this Sassy Cat

Woman sitting in bath with smeared makeup

Sassy has a real eye for creating haunting powerful images and this series of three shots definitely falls into that category. I had a hard time picking just one as they are all outstanding but in the end I went for this one because there is just something about the way she is looking straight at the camera through her bedraggled hair that just sends a little shiver of apprehension through me.


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