Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 330

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 330

Up skirt shot of a man in a kilt

So it was prompt weekend and yet again you have all wowed me and made picking just 5 pictures a real struggle but also an absolute pleasure so here goes

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Kilted Wookies Photo Album

Up skirt shot of a man in a kilt

This is a view point that is often seen as feminine, the classic up skirt shot if you like, but there is nothing feminine about this image. The hairy legs, the boots and socks and of course the little glimpse of his testicles are all definitely very masculine and in my opinion sexy as fuck!

Aurora Glory

Up skirt shot of sexy woman on stairs

Did someone just mention the classic up skirt shot? And here we are and wow isn’t it glorious. I love how the bright light is framing her legs and also bursting through the lace hem of her skirt making it look like it is shimmering and then the dark V of her panties right at the top, the whole thing is so damn sexy.

Illicit Thoughts

Woman handcuffed to bannisters

While the previous two images have a fairly playful this one has a darker element to it that appeals directly to my kink. I love the slight grainy edit on this shot which adds to the slightly sinister feel of this shot and how we are left to explore what might be going on here with our own dark and dirty imaginations.

Exposing 40

Woman laying on the stairs of spiral staircase

This photo is an absolute visual delight. The lines and curves, the dark and light, the contrast of her against the stairs, the way the stair caseswirls out of sight into the darkness and of course in the middle of it is Exposing 40 looking absolutely resplendent as she reclines on the steps.

Exhibit A

Woman topless laying on stairs

So clearly not an image of Exhibit A but an anonymous person who he lent some blogging space to so they could share this beautiful image of themselves reclining on the stairs but there is more to this post than just the photo, there is a story of ill health, medical treatment, fear and the unknown that makes this image way more than just a woman laying on the stairs but about a woman reclaiming her body just for her, just for a moment.

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