Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt April 2018

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt April 2018

Nude woman looking down at camera

The prompt for 1st April 2018 is: Humour

We actually did a very similar prompt to this one back in February 2014, but seeing as it will be April Fools Day on the prompt Sunday there just didn’t seem any other possible topic that would fit.  Sex is often portrayed as a very serious thing but actually, really, it is meant to be a happy and fun experience and in my experience a person with a great sense of humour often makes for a great lover. So your image needs to capture the fun, playful, joyful, funny, silly, happy aspects of sex, bodies, etc. Photo outtakes that have resulted in a funny image could be one way to go or just an image that captures a joyous/happy moment. Really it is up to you where you go with this but hopefully your image will make people laugh and smile or just feel happy.

The prompt is published here on the site mid month, which will give people approximately 2 weeks to work on their idea before linking in, on the 1st weekend of the month. The prompt is completely optional and you can link in as normal on that weekend whether you have used the prompt or not. The usual Sinful Sunday rules will, of course, apply. Please make sure you have read them recently so that you are fully aware of what is and is not allowed.

As always interpret as you wish, or disregard altogether and do you own thing.

Have your post ready to go for Sunday 1st April 2018. Any questions or queries can be posted in the comments below, you can email me [email protected] or tweet me @mollysdailykiss



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