Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 400

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 400

Nude of pregnant woman in christmas panties by christmas tree

Week 400! When I started this project week 400 never even entered my head, and yet here we are. It has been an amazingly wonderful journey with a hugely talented bunch of bloggers and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I am looking forward to week 500 which seems a way off, but if we are going to do something special then planning should start soon.

In the meantime we are almost at another year and that means it is time to look forward to the next month prompt which is out now. January already can you believe it?

This weeks round-up guest is fairly new to both blogging and Sinful Sunday but she has definitely hit the ground running which is why she got one of my New Voices Awards this year. Her name is Jayne Renault and you can find her on her own blog Jayne Renault and on Twitter @jayne_renault

Jayne’s Top 5 Pics of the Week.

As a baby blogger who only properly dove into the scene halfway through this year, I have only just begun to find my place in this thriving community. After overcoming my initial apprehension about trying my hand at a more visual means of expression, I even participated in Sinful Sunday a couple of times this fall. Going into 2019, I plan to be even more active because damn, all the other participants sure are nice to hang out with.

There really are some really great eyes in this pool, and I’m not talking romance novel tropes.

This week, I have the honour of highlighting my personal top picks for Sinful Sunday’s 400th (!!!) week. Given the time of year, there was a lot of festive joy being scattered about, which even a Scrooge like me could appreciate. And in light of the recent Tumblr debacle, I feel it’s worth noting that we had a lot of fantastic uncensored shots of female-presenting nipples. Keep up the great work, friends.

Teachers Have Sex

Topless woman playing chess

Maybe it’s the way her hair drapes over her shoulder just so. Maybe it’s the sneaky breasts perched just out of focus in background. Maybe it’s because I’m impressed that she can play chess as I’ve never learned.

Most of all, I think it’s her delicate fingers and that dainty pinky up in the air in the foreground as she casually and (probably; I don’t know how to play, remember?) ruthlessly destroys her opponent with the perfect move.

Queens all around in this shot.


Double exposure of winter trees over topless woman

Growing up in the sometimes harsh and bitter middle-of-nowhere Canada, this shot speaks to me on a visceral level. The monochromatic melancholy of winter mixed with the solemn natural beauty that endures in spite of the hopeless cold — it haunts me, yet evokes comfortable nostalgia in ways I can’t explain. And the swirl of her nipple being mixed up in the spindly branches takes it all to whole other mesmerizing level.

Love is Paraphilia

Woman laying covered in fairy lights looking up at the camera

Admittedly, I was initially drawn in by the Christmas light glow. Like a moth to a flame, I was piqued. But when I gave the image a closer look, it was the simple, endearing smile and lit-up eyes that had me linger. It’s simple, its sensual, the title captures it almost as perfectly as the image does. And the luminescence peeking through the corridor of cleavage? It’s Christmas Cheer dressed up just so by, well… undressing and that I just find so lovely.

Zebra Rose

Ankles tied in ankle cuffs with colour splash purple lining

The shadow work and isolated purple pulls my eye in while the dainty pointed toes keep me hooked.

Because of those toes, this might be the image that evoked the most curiosity from me this week. It made me want to know what was going on with the rest of the body and the person who inhabits it. What are they thinking? Is the pointer flex of their toes a case of deliberate delicacy or caution? Are they feeling playful, or is that just as far as they are allowed to reach?

And regardless of the possible answer, I was just as happy left with the mystery.

The Other Livvy

Nude of pregnant woman in christmas panties by christmas tree

Well, folks. She’s done it again.

The brilliant colours. The contrast of the soft lines of her body with the festive, brightly lit tree. The light accents all around. The sexy elf-ish underwear. The little sex blogging babe taking its sweet time to arrive. Not to mention her literally glowing self.

True to form, Livvy has curated this whole image to perfection.

There were several great Christmas-themed pics to choose from this week, but in the end, this was the one that won my eye and then warmed my heart.


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