Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 513

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 513

Close up of thigh with rope marks and coloured rope

Month 2 of the year and that means the 2nd prompt weekend of 2021 is done and dusted but it was any other than dusty, in fact it was a textural delight of images and here are my top pics of the week

Molly’s Top 5 Textural Pics of the Week

Focused and Filthy

Diptych of two glass dildos

The detail in these is fantastic. I love how the glass in the top one looks almost soft, like if you touched it you could dip your fingers into it and the second looks like water rippling through a pipe. Just stunning photography.

The Artful Muse

legs in lace top stockings and suspenders

I look at this and I can feel the lace beneath my finger tips as I fasten the suspenders clips to it. This image reminds me of evenings out with a handsome man, a nice dinner, the buzz of chemistry between us, the knowledge of what may… will come next. It is an evocative shot

A Leap of Faith

Close up of thigh with rope marks and coloured rope

A bit like the stockings I look at this one and I can feel the rope against the skin and it draws back into how it feels to be tied and then running my fingertips over the rope marks left behind. The colour and light in this image is so beautiful too. It has me longing to be tied again.

Lillith Avir

looking though fur to persons vulva

I really love this image. It is another one where you look at it and can image how it feels for that fur to lightly brush up against your skin and the little glimpse of her vulva in the background only makes it all the more sexy.

Alethea Hunt

mans hairy chest pressed up against womans breasts

The contrast between my body and his, the muscles, the size, the hair. Those are things that work for me. This image captures that so wonderfully and makes me ache to be with one of my partners again.


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