Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 553

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 553

Man naked in tree cropped image for header of weekly round-up 553

Welcome to round-up 553. Just a reminder that the prompt for December is out now.

This week I am welcoming Joy back to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog As Joy as it Flies on Twitter @BeStillMyBeaten. However due to a miscommunication it is only a top 4 this week. Also if you tried to visit at the beginning of the week technology was not being my friend and I apologise for the site being mostly down. We are all fixed now and ready for this weekends list to go up!

Joy’s Top 5 Pics

This is (I think) my second time recapping Sinful Sunday and in doing so I’m reminded what I love about it: it’s not just the creativity that people show every week, or the utter horniness of some of the photos, or the gleeful exhibitionism! This week I was really struck by how intimate many of the pictures were- a glimpse out of a window in a solo work trip, the insecurity that accompanies a moment being captured on camera, the aftermath of a snatched fuck contrasted with the details of domesticity and parenthood. I loved every one of this week’s contributions, but these are my favourites.

Happy Come Lucky

Person shaving someones head with flat razor

A to sub Bee

looking down on someones shaved head with cum on their head

It would be impossible not to choose one of these without the other. In one photo Bee displays one kind of vulnerability, in the second they show another, and in both the strength of their personality and submission shines through. The first also made me think a lot of deep thoughts about hair, and haircutting, and the intimacy of the things we allow (mostly) strangers to do to our bodies on an everyday basis, and how the tone of that intimacy changes subtly when the same act is performed by a friend. Amazing photos.

Adult Exploration

Looking up into trees at naked man within the branches

I have already previously asked Andrew how he manages to combine taking a photo with a timer- and not just that, taking a well constructed, interestingly framed photo- with climbing up a bloody tree, and he was like, oh, you just have to be limber. No shit, Sherlock! Anyway, apart from all of that it’s just a lovely picture, both calming and mysterious.

Focused and Filthy

Looking down past someones breasts to their mouth as someone feeds them a cook

I’m not entirely sure how to write about this photo without my review taking an unseemly turn into outright smut to be honest, but I’ll do my best because otherwise it’ll just be this: unnnghhhh. I am a total martyr for a hard cock wrapped in a fist, so there’s that. Yup, there’s that… The voyeuristic angle, the teasing proximity of the nipples to the lens- sorry, I can’t do it. This photo is just achingly fucking hot, and I cannot be any more articulate than that.


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