Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 554

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 554

Cropped image of Quinn's bulge in sweat pants

Welcome to the Weekly Round-up 554. Before we get started with this weeks pics a reminder that next Sunday is prompt weekend. An opportunity for you to splash colour around

The round up this week is in the delightful hands of Un_Mentionable. You can find her on Twitter @Un_Mentionable

Un_Mentionable’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Floss Does Life

Side ways view of Floss naked body with blanket up against her skin

I was immediately struck by the black and white version of the thumbnail (in color further down the post). The contrast of Floss’s smooth skin with the knots on the blanket looked like a moment caught in a cozy morning position adjustment. Simply stunning.

Jerusalem Mortimor

Modigliani nude with nude photo of woman copying it

Like Jerusalem, I have a soft spot for Modigliani. His art looks like he was suddenly overcome with the urge to paint whatever he saw in the moment no matter how rough or doodle-ish it looks. Jerusalem created a near perfect homage to this painting – from the color of the blanket to the quick snap feel of just having done something delicious and needing to capture it for posterity.

On Queer Street

Quinn topless in grey sweatpants showing off his bulge

Nothing makes me more pleased than seeing truly remarkable people loving themselves completely. Quinn shows that he is feeling confident in what he calls “a very male performance of sexuality.” He takes these thirst traps for himself, and I’m so happy that he shares some of them so we get to enjoy them, too!!

My Wild Lens

Woman naked leaning up again

what is it about nude photos and trees?! I love the way MWL’s skin is so buttery and soft against the protective layer of tree bark. Her post is about her age, but I can’t stop looking at the way she is simply glowing in her own space. The lean, the casual knee bend, and just the peek of chin that looks like she is laughing at something we can’t see make this photo light up a whole room.

Exposing 40

my wild lens naked sitting in autumn leaves under big tree

I chose this photo before I realized that it’s another snap of MWL from the same shoot! Two tree love posts in one round-up? I couldn’t help it! The hidden giggle that was only notional in the previous photo is in full bloom here. Who doesn’t love a shower of leaves on a crispy fall day? This whole shoot looks like it was so much fun and Exposing 40 is incredibly talented in her composition and inspiration.


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