Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 558

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 558

Missy with Christmas bows on her breasts

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 558. So we are nearly at the end of the year which means soon it will be January and that means it will be a prompt weekend again.

This week I get to welcome the lovely BarefootSub to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog A Leap of Faith and on twitter @thebarefootsub

BareFootSub’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

What a tricky round up to do this week. I have never been more grateful to see that I choose five posts but still, whittling these wonderful posts down has been tricky!

Vanilla Free Sex

Storm sitting naked covered in Christmas lights in front of Christmas tree

In a season where so many of us struggle to find the festive cheer, I’ve assumed I’d always be the family scrooge. However, Vanilla Free Sex has shown me that there is hope. She and the festivities have a chequered past and now is a leading light in embracing the holiday season.Or, indeed, being embraced by the lights! Thank you Storm for showing us there is potential for the sparkle to return

A Horny Hunter

Horny hunter wearing dinner jacket and bow tie and holding bottle of champagne in front of his penis

I love to read about people’s traditions, whether these are past or present. I love that Tempted has dusted off his dinner jacket after a decade without use, to share his memory of Christmas parties, decadence and mischief.

Focused and Filthy

Missy with bows on her nipples

I always look forward to Missy’s photography. She has such a wonderful creative spark that I never fail to enjoy her work. This week though she has created such striking images with her words, as well as her camera, and I am left squirming in the hope that one day I can be the gift. Gorgeous picture coupled with a hot, hot scene… I couldn’t not include her this week.


Lovely sitting in white sheets topless

I’ve been aware of Lovely through her adventures with No Pants Endurance, but I’d not taken the time to check out her site before. What a shame to have waited so long! Beautiful images, and comforting words, particularly the last line which many of us could make use of at this time of year. “In dreams I’m never far So take my hand, my spark
and I’ll walk with you into the dark”

A to sub Bee

Bee showing her bum on beach by lifeguard hut

I love the scavenger hunt, so I was really pleased to see Bee had shared a great photo for this week’s Sinful Sunday. But, as much as I love the picture (which is what this meme is all about) the vulnerability they show in their words, and the gratitude they have for those who’ve helped with the rescue when it’s been needed. A powerful reminder to us all that you don’t need to struggle on alone.


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