Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 578

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 578

Honey's breast in street light for sinful sunday weekly round-up 578 header image

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 578.

The prompt for June is now out. June? How is that possible?

This week I am delighted to welcome back Exhibit A to the round-up. You can find him on his own blog Exhibit A and on Twitter @EA_unadorned

EA’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

When I saw that there were only 13 Sinful Sunday posts this week, I immediately worried about selecting a top 5. What if the quality wasn’t great? What if there were no standout images? What if I had to pick a photo that was just OK?

Happily, all my fears were misplaced (of course they were!). Sinful Sunday always delivers, and this week was no exception. An initial sift gave me a shortlist of eight – fully 62% of the photos posted – and I agonised long and hard about the final couple of cuts. Well done everyone, and thanks again to Molly for letting me choose my favourites!

Happy Come Lucky

Honey's bare breast lit by street light

I love this photo because it proves beyond any doubt that erotic images don’t have to be meticulously planned, carefully staged, or ‘worthy’ in order to be beautiful. This is really hot (obviously), but it’s also technically accomplished and super-stylish, despite being snapped on a camera phone at the end of a drunken night out, in response to a horny text. Impressive!

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly naked in the bluebell woods

Oh, lovely Molly! What a lush, gorgeous piece of outdoor spring photography, complete with a lush, gorgeous bottom in the middle of it. Every details is perfect here, from the sunlight on Molly’s back to the path winding between the bluebells, giving the impression that you could just stumble upon such an inviting floral scene.


Naked woman sitting across mans lap with their bodies pressed up against each other

Technique for technique’s sake is alienating and tedious. Technique that manages to enhance and highlight the intimacy contained within a photo is a glorious thing, and that’s what Skingraphy has managed to achieve here. I love the indentation created by his hand on her arse, and the crush of her tits against his chest. The skin tones are warm and soft, inviting us into the lovers’ embrace shown before us. The whole thing is beautiful.

Focused and Filthy

Missy's with legs spread showing her vulva in blue light

Fuck me, this is hot! Unambiguously, unapologetically, wantonly hot. Of all the images this week, this is the one that immediately made me sit forward in my chair and cross my legs uncomfortably, because y’know…y’know. The colour filter is perfectly chosen (and another subtle bit of photographic skill that enhances rather than interrupts the viewer’s enjoyment), the spread of her middle and ring fingers above her cunt frames it in a beautiful way, and there is real texture to the whole image. Makes me want to see more.

My Wild Lens

woman in shadows reaching into her knickers showing her pubic hair

This is my image of the week: an abstract, washed-out piece of art, which keeps drawing me in every time I look at it. I find myself staring at the way her fingers (if they are indeed her fingers) are arranged in relation to each other, and the way they’re drawing her underwear through those wisps and curls of pubic hair. I imagine who might be sitting in the shadows watching, and what they might ask (tell?) her to do next… It’s just a great piece of photography: alluring, provocative, and really sexy.


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