Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 582

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 582

Ouizzi as nude stone statue in green bushes for weekly round-up 582 header

Welcome to weekly round-up 582 and this week was prompt week and the theme was green. The result was so many beautiful green images to pick from but pick I must

Before I do though because of how the days of the week fall this month the first Sunday in July will be with us fairly soon so I have posted the prompt out already so you have plenty time to get planning

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Focused and Filthy

looking up missy's skirt edited in green light

I have a bit of thing for up-skirt shots. There is something about them, that fleeting glimpse, knowing what someone is or is not wearing under their clothes is sexy as hell. The idea that you saw something that maybe you shouldn’t. It is all just sexy to me. Clearly I am referring to consensual images not the awful kind but when they are consensual, they are sexy as all hell. As Missy is demonstrating perfectly in her image this week

A Leap of Faith

two sets of legs all tied together

The colours in this are beautiful. The contrast between the pink and green works so well and this tangle of limbs has me turning my head to try to unravel it all

Happy Come Lucky

Honey in bath with hair wet and clinging to her hair

This one definitely captures those mermaid vibes with the long hair swirling through the water and clinging to her beautiful breast but it is the movement in the water that has me captivated. I keep looking at this image expecting to see it start moving.


Ouizzi leaning against green hedge looking like a stone statue

The edit on this is brilliant. It has effectively turned Ouizzi to stone so you she looks like some sort of Grecian statue left abandoned in the lush green.

Lilltih Avir

Lillith bending over with her green butt plug by her bum

What can I really write here that will tell you anything about this image that surely you don’t already know. The softness of it, the bright pop of green against the pale pinky tons of her skin, the glimpse of her beautiful cunt opening between her legs. It is just all the fucking sexy.


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