Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 584

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 584

Missy in striped socks banner image fore weekly round-up 584

Welcome to the weekly round-up 584. Before we get started the usually little nudge that the prompt for July is out now and just over a week away

This week my round-up is in the hands of Jerusalem Mortimer. You can find him writing lots of filthy words on his blog Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines and also on Twitter @JaimeMortimer

Jaime’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sinful Sunday is my favourite time of the week! So many hot, creative and beautiful people! All doing their thing with ideas, sensuality and skills! It’s always hard to choose – especially only five entries. But I eventually managed to narrow it down to these lovely people and enthusiastic and creative artists. It’s interesting, now I look back on my choices, how many of them are outdoor scenes: you lucky, lucky souls, in the northern hemisphere!

Pieces of Jade

Jade bending forward hugging tree with her knickers pulled down round her thighs

This is a lovely photo. There’s a story behind it, which Jade promises to tell us soon. Though I think the hand-print on that gorgeous bottom tells us quite a bit of the story. Still I’m sure there’s more to come. But in the meantime there’s the green warmth of nature, all greens and browns, and the paler warmth of that body, in position. Being, I dare say, good. Lovely!

The Lexy Experiment

black and white nude of Lexy standing in the shadows

Lexy takes us into a black and white universe, where the lines, the highlights and shadows of the body are foregrounded. A beautiful image, setting us a number of mysteries. That door and its lock: is she inside or shut out of that room? Her hands and arms half hide, half reveal, sexual areas: is she a woman feeling vulnerable, or a woman knowing her strength and half withholding it? We don’t know. (Or I don’t.) We only know that the moment is beautiful.

Focused and Filthy

Missy laying on black sheet wearing pride socks and nothing else

It’s back to the world of colour for Focussed and Filthy. A body emerging, relaxed, somehow cheerful, from a background of darkness. And those rainbow socks, a symbol for Pride Week. The relaxation of the body against the black background, and the bright rainbow of colours from halfway down the thighs (what socks!) all make a strong, cheering and lovely image! Bold and bright!

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Nude woman standing on cliff tops looking down at the sea

A landscape and a woman’s body are one of the most powerful and popular image combinations in all art, not just Western art. Gemma in nature and a state of nature, yearning for far-off, warm places. Her curves and that sandy beach’s, in harmony, echoing each other. Beautiful image!

My Wild Lens

Wild sitting in bathwater

An invitation to dark places in both image and text from My Wild Lens. A lovely black and white image, showing, or not showing but hinting at, depths and mysteries in a woman’s body. Depths indeed: that the body is in water is entirely appropriate and helps build that penumbra of mystery. A lot of restrained power in this image. Beautifully lit and shadowed, a body showing and not showing. But inviting us to its darknesses. Magical!


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