Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt Dec 2022

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt Dec 2022

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The prompt for 4th Dec 2022 is: Chairs

We are ending this years series of prompts with another redo. This one we first did back in 2015 and inspired so many amazing images so I am excited to see what it inspires this time

A chair (or stool) must feature in your image somewhere. You do not have to be sitting on it but it must be part of the photograph. I am going to be quite narrow on this one too, I mean chair or stool (arm chair, dinning chair, office chair, garden chair and so on), but no sofas, beanbags, benches etc. Apart from that, let your creative juices flow and return here at the beginning of December with your final image(s) .

Below are some links to inspire you when it comes to chairs…

At my feet by Modesty Ablaze

Are you Sitting Comfortably by A to sub Bee

Further Interpretation by Holden and Camille

Falling Light by Annie Savoy

The prompt is published here on the site mid month, which will give people approximately 2 weeks to work on their idea before linking in, on the 1st weekend of the month. The prompt is completely optional and you can link in as normal on that weekend whether you have used the prompt or not. The usual Sinful Sunday rules will, of course, apply. Please make sure you have read them recently so that you are fully aware of what is and is not allowed. As always interpret as you wish, or disregard altogether and do you own thing. Have your post ready to go for Sunday 4th Dec or tweet me @mollysdailykiss


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  1. […] idea, and also had been playing with a chair. (You’ll have to keep an eye out for the next Sinful Sunday prompt to see any of this tie.) Over cake and a cuppa we discussed how to spend the next part of the […]

  2. […] The last time 1001011 and I played with rope was shortly before Halloween. The first idea we played with led to me turning into a coquettish, flying gourd, as I shared in The Great Pumpkin Rises. A couple of weeks ago, I shared the power of transitions in the post This Tie Is (Not) Over. This was the third tie of the evening, and an ad hoc idea that jumped out of Instagram at us as we ate cake and drank tea. In the post I hinted at another tie that I was holding back for the Sinful Sunday December prompt- Chair. […]

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