Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 605

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 605

legs poking up out for bath header image for weekly round-up 605

Welcome to weekly round-up 605. A little shout out for the last prompt of 2022 which is out now. Hint, you will need a chair for this one. Also just because I am pleased with myself I have already written all the prompt for 2023 and am excited to see what everyone comes up with next year.

This week the round-up is in the delightful hands of lovely Tabitha Rayne. You can find her on her own blog Tabitha Rayne and on Twitter @TabithaErotica

Tabitha’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I am honoured to get to choose my top 5 for this week!

A to sub Bee

Close up of bright lips

First there is this gorgeously erotic photo of A to Sub Bee’s lips. They are just perfectly poised to express the words in the blog that follow. But before you read it… you can get beautifully lost in all the things you think they might be about to say… or do… a real ‘action’ shot. I actually can’t stop looking at this image. It might be one of my favourite sinful Sunday photos ever. Perfection.

Modesty Ablaze

Modesty leaning up against causeway wall with her skirt flipped up showing her bum

Next we have Miss Modesty – who I have been a little bit in love with for a very long time. Every pic she shares fills me with joy and this one is no exception. The way she so casually has her skirt up over her bottom in a pose that looks like an accident… so good! The mistress of the ‘gosh did I just show my bum?’ so innocent 😀  I was going to post a throw back pic this week too (I didn’t get the chance) so when I saw this I knew it was in my top 5 instantly. I love pics that take us into memory…

Adult Exploration

Man with bruised bottom framed by black lace pants

This next one made me smile for a couple of reasons – the first being the way the lace of the panties perfectly frames Andrew’s bum cheeks – the next is the words of the blog, talking about that saucy secret you might be quietly carrying with you going about your normal day. It gave me those lovely feelings when you remember you’re wearing something a bit naughty under your work clothes…

OK so there were two bath pictures this week and I really tried hard to choose just one to leave space for my other fave images – however, I just could not choose one over the other. 

Focused and Filthy

Looking into bathroom with legs up in the air from the the bath

Focussed and Filthy’s, Splish Splash is fun, exuberant and utterly joyful. It conveys a carefree lightness, an adventure – a feeling that something exciting is about to happen and Missy is very much up for whatever it might be! It made me so happy and the way it was shot made me feel like I was in that gorgeous bathroom as well… I could actually hear the splish and the splashing! And I”m pretty sure got a bit wet too… 

My Wild Lens

Looking down on person in the bath with face under water and screaming under the water

And for almost opposite reasons, this incredible photo from MyWildLens is intense, fraught, and conveys an exquisite sense of oppressive darkness. It is a beautiful and powerful piece of art. It completely took my breath away – but here’s the thing about how deeply it affected me… I could barely get my breath back. I felt I was underneath the water too, screaming into the liquid that would surely drown me. The desperate need to let it all out, yet the necessity to have it all held in. God – this is truly moving.


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