Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 629

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 629

Cropped image of Annie Savoys picture that is in the body of the post for weekly round-up 629

Welcome to weekly round-up 629. Don’t forget this Sunday is the first Sunday in May and so it is time for prompt weekend. As it is a another holiday weekend here in the UK the prompt feels somewhat appropriate for a bonus day off (if you are lucky enough to get one)

This week I am delighted to welcome Robyn to the Sinful Sunday round-up for the first time. You can find them on their own blog Robyn Eats Everything and on Twitter @robyneats

Robyn’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It was only last week I was chatting to a Twitter friend over a cocktail and mentioned how in awe I am of the creativity and artistry behind the kind of images that Sinful Sunday celebrates. I told them how much I admire the way Molly and other creatives present their bodies so beautifully, and how incredibly envious I am of their talent, bravery, and ability to be vulnerable under a public gaze. And then here I am; being given the opportunity to pick my five favourite posts of the week and getting to rhapsodise about them, albeit while totally sober. Although I’ve only picked five, all the posts are incredible and my admiration only grows for everyone who participated. You’re all glorious superstars and, one day, I hope to join you.

Happy Come Lucky

Black and white image looking along Honey's thighs to clothes pegs on her thihgs and labia

There are some images you experience, rather than simply look at; I felt this before I even took it all in. The composition is incredibly clever: my eye first focused on the pegs on the left, before travelling up the inner thigh to the centre, at which point I audibly gasped. It’s a surprisingly serene image, which I adore as a contrast to the sharpness of the pegs. 

A Leap of Faith

A leap of faith wearing bright yellow top that you can see her nipples poking through

This image just screams Spring! Yellow is the colour of daffodils and primroses and sunshine and now, perky nipples. The blog is so full of joy and the promise of bright days and reading it all put me in such a lovely, positive mood. I’m now aching to get outside and enjoy just some of the glow this image radiates.

Following Floss

Black and white of floss laying naked on her side facing the camera

The way the light falls on Floss’ skin in these images is simply, impossibly beautiful. The way in the first image, the arm is positioned across the chest protectively and then in the second, their body is open and vulnerable, as they’re encouraging the reader to get closer to them, is magic. This is the kind of incredible post I’m truly in awe of.

Annie Savoy

Annies legs on red couch with black candle that is a hand giving the finger on the table in front of her

I love an image with a “fuck you, but look at how hot I am on your way out” kind of attitude. That candle is simply fabulous and I now must have one, and the black of it and the robe against the red of the sofa is really punchy. The quote chosen as the caption is truly one of my favourites and it matches perfectly with the image itself; there’s a story here that I would kill to listen to.

A to sub Bee

Black and white image looking down at Bee laying on the sofa on their side holding cushion

This post encapsulates that vulnerability I’m so envious of; it’s raw, honest, and beautiful because of it. There’s a brilliant juxtaposition of the writing being so open and their pose in the image being closed and protective of themselves, almost hiding themselves from view. The image gracefully captures the emotions behind the writing, it’s a perfect pairing.


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