Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 630

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 630

Black background with words whipple tickle on it and Your set the rules...

Welcome to weekly round-up 630. First thing to say this week is a massive thank you to Whipple Tickle for sponsoring this months prompt. I am so exciting to be working with them. They will also be attending Eroticon this year as a sponsors and you will definitely be seeing them on my blog too as I am reviewing some sexy products for them over the next few months.

So Whipple tickle – you folks rock and I am so glad we connected.

Whipple Tickle specialises in adult sexual happiness, desires, and satisfaction. They aim to appeal to everyone and every need – whether you’re indulging yourself at home or hitting masquerade sex parties, kinky dungeons, BDSM, and fetish clubs. With products for every occasion, they currently offer over 6,500 toys, gear, and essentials – and are always looking to expand their selection for you kinky lot! 

As they say, we’re not all the same when it comes to sex. That would be boring. Everyone is individual, so you set the rules…

Whipple Tickle are also generously giving Sinful Sundayers a 10% discount on all orders over £50 when you register, plus discreet free delivery and batteries if required. Just enter the code SINFUL10 at checkout. *Coupon expires on the 16th May 2023

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The prompt this month was Simple Pleasures. It was totally up to folks to interrupt that as they wished and the result was so many different images capturing peoples simple pleasures. So to pick just 5, we all ways a challenge but here goes

Exposing 40

Exposing 40 sitting naked with back to camera in front of large remote rock formation

I love this so much. I am all about naked in the landscape and this is just such a beautiful shot. It is so cleverly done how the line of her body mirrors the line of the rock formation making exposing 40 seem like she belongs in this landscape.


Naked man in the shower with his shadow silhouette on the wall beside him

What a great picture. The detail of the little rivulet of water running down the side of his body, the light playing across his stomach and his cock and the shadow on the wall all combine to make a beautiful shot.

Modesty Ablaze

Naked couple with back to the camera holding gardening tools and looking down at the flower bed

This makes me smile so much. Again like Exposing 40’s shot it appears like a casual snap but actually it has been thought through with the mirroring of the tools and the way they both appear to be looking at the same spot. Brilliantly composed and fun and playful.

Krystal Minx

Krystal laying on the floor in the sunlight next to her cat

I love everything about this post. Pets are such gifts and this is such a beautiful celebration of Krystals love and relationship with her very handsome ‘tuxedo kitty’ All the pictures make my heart sing but I selected this one because as a cat owner there is something special about laying down beside them and loving them. It is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures.

Annie Savoy

Woman laying in the bed with back to the camera reading a book

As is laying bed reading. There were two post this week about that and it was hard to pick between them but in the end something about Annie’s image just spoke to me more. The softness, the placements of the stack of books just covering her bum, the light pouring in that speaks the decadence of reading in bed during the day. It’s an image that I want to crawl into.


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