Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 631

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 631

Looking down at bare breasts with a pear nestled in between them

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 631. As usual a little reminder for the June prompt!

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones with zip undone showing her black strappy bra

There is something fabulous about sexy undies and this bra definitely fits that description. I love the open zip revealing the temptation underneath. I want this bra!

Mx Nillin

Looking down Nillin's body to their hand wrapped round their cock

I am struggling to put my finger on exactly why this image speaks to me but there is something about it that sends a little pulse of desire through me. Maybe it’s the angle, the casualness of it, you can tell it was taken in the moment. I can imagine standing and watching, waiting for Nillin them to decorate their own stomach with their jizz. HOT!

Annie Savoy

Looking down at body wearing bright pink panties with a penis bulge in them and a hand pulling down the panties showing a ginger tuft of pubic hair

Oh what a shot. The tuft of ginger pubes, the way Annie’s hand is tugging the panties down and that distinct bulge. Oh and did you spot the words in the pubic hair? If you can’t them out there then visit Annie’s post.

A Leap of Faith

Tangle of limbs and bodies tied up in rope

I spent ages looking at this trying to work out this tangle of limbs and body parts but in the end I had to read the words in the post to work it out. Such a clever idea to dress them both in the same thing so it’s almost impossible to work out who is who and the result is this fantastic shot

Focused and Filthy

Looking down on breasts, one of the nipples is pierced, with a pear nestled between them

I love this. Such a simple shot but the play on words made me chuckle.

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  1. Annie Savoy says:

    Thank you so much Molly 🥰

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