Sinful Sunday Round-up 633

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 633

cropped image of woman laying in a blath reading

Welcome to round-up 633. One final reminder that this Sunday is prompt weekend! I am looking forward to seeing what this prompt has inspired in folks

This week I am welcoming AиDяэW to the round-up space. You can find him on his own blog Adult Exploration and on Twitter @We_Fear_Nothing

AиDяэW’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Firstly thanks to Molly for having do this weeks Sinful Sunday round-up. I always love looking at what people post and this week was fantastic but it made it hard to pick my top 5.

In no particular order here you go

A to sub Bee

Black and White Looking down on two people naked laying on the bed wrapped round each other cuddling

I love this photo as I’m someone who’s love language is physical touch, and who loves cuddles, I couldn’t help getting virtual feels the more I looked at the photo. What was written was alongside the photo was interesting to read, how and when they like to be cuddled or not as the case may be.

Annie Savoy.

Man wearing pink panties kneeling with his back to the camera

The image drew me in and kept me hooked more than the writing from Margaret Atwood.
Loved the pink and white underwear being worn and the way his arms are behind his back as he is knelt down.

Molly’s Daily Kiss.

Couple laying in bed cuddling

Again cuddling is a theme here, I didn’t realise it was also the theme for KOTW which I must write for.
I love the image of cuddles on display here and can relate to some of what she says, sex can be sexy to photo but there’s something about two people being naked laying there cuddling that like I mentioned above can hit me in the virtual feels.

Exposing 40

Topless women in front of Egypt

I hadn’t seen her original Sphinx photo but the one post for this week was fantastic. I love the framing that captures a single boob on one side and the real Sphinx on the other. What did it for me was the fact it had to be a quick flash as her balcony was visible from the street, I love these sorts of quick flash images where you have limited chance to get the shot.

My Wild Lens

Black and white of women in the bathtub reading

It’s no secret that I think My Wild Lens takes some stunning shots in water and this one is just as good. She seems really relaxed laying in her bath book in hand with extra books perched on the bath either side of her. It makes me wish I had a bath more than just the shower I have so I could attempt shots like this, though I doubt I could match My Wild Lens quite this well and a kindle doesn’t look as good as a real book.


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