Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 649

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 649

Male hands cupping Missys bare breasts. Weekly round-up 649 header

Welcome to Round-up 649. The prompt for October is out now so check that out.

This week I am delighted to welcome back LekkerVampireKitten to the round-up. You can find her being fabulous on Mastodon at @HisLittle_1

LekkerVampireKitten Top 5 Pics of the Week

A wonderful blessing of bodies revealed and a glimpses of nature. My choices are partly driven by composition and partly by my bias to see the fun, mischief and cheekiness in our kinky lives. There’s an element of this in all them and they all should be celebrated, but here are my reflections on a few.

Focused and Filthy

Man standing behind Missy holding her breasts in his hands. Shadows on the trees are playing across her skin

Two in hand – shadows playful on her body just as the hands are! I’m just so impressed with the definition of the shadows on this image. You know they’re naked outdoors without having lots of background – although like Honey’s image the dark background helps this standout more. And also I love this image for the way my mind sees him holding her breasts differently each time I look at it – not grabbing but certainly firm was my first thought, holding her to him; but then the second time it was no, he’s almost holding them reverentially, and the third time I imagined the next movement, lifting up ready to pull and play with the nipples I imagine stiffening under his hands …

A Leap of Faith

Looking down on Bare Foot Sub who is mummified in wrap and a full leather face mask

Learning to Fly – the juxtaposition of ‘flying’ by way of a title with the image of someone so tied down ! I was intrigued and seduced. Barefootsub has a way with words that explains it so much better than I. So go read as well as enjoy this image.

Happy Come Lucky

Looking down at Honey who is kneeling and holding sunflowers against her naked body

Sometimes – the flowers are so bright set against her skin ! And yet, Honey highlights the darkness in the flowers in her comments. This got me thinking that perhaps they stand out so brightly because of that juxtaposition with their core. The contrast allows us to see more. The other part to this is her posture and how she holds the flowers – a kneeling pose holding them like a nervous bride with her bouquet. Is Honey as nervous as the stereotypical bride as she offers up herself to us her audience? Perhaps, and it’s a reminder to us all that just because someone regularly posts nudes and talks of their emotions and vulnerabilities doesn’t mean it’s not scary or nerve wracking to do so each and every time.


Nude man standing with his penis through a carpet beater lattice work

Misappropriating – I’m pretty sure that’s not how the housework gets done! But I’m also pretty sure that this is the point! Pervertables (forgive me for not remembering who first coined these phrases to hint at the misuse of everyday implements) for the win! I’m also curious about what happens when the cock gets hard and worryingly trapped… and so the images moves to a funishment for such procrastination. The colour and lighting of the image also meant that it took a second to work out what’s so kinky about this image – a cock hiding in plain sight !


Stacked images of two different people sitting naked by the river

By the river – there is fun and frolics but now I have an ear word ‘let’s go down to the river to play …’ I mean pray … coughs. (If you want the ear word there’s many a version of this American folk song). I like how the two images sit side by side and you can imagine the grand day out that it entailed. It makes me think about how we make time – including special time for one another – it’s not all dungeons and sex parties (not that those aren’t awesome). Sometimes it’s back-tickles, picnics and being naked in the sun down by the river. (Molly’s note… Because it is two image I have had to crop them so please do click on them and view them in full on Ouizzi’s blog.)

Also a special mention for a speedy recovery from surgery and we wish Jerbear a full return to morning glory.


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