Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 650

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 650

Cropped image of Missy wearing a pvc top with a tear drop shape cut out by her breasts

Welcome to round-up 650. Don’t forget this Sunday is the 1st of October and that means it is prompt week.

This week on the round-up I am delighted to welcome a new contributor in the form of SnapShotz who you can find on being naked on Mastodon @SnapShotz

SnapShotz Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s all about eye-catching and fascination. I’m not an art connoisseur, I rely solely on my personal viewing preferences. And it’s not just an empty phrase: limiting the selection to five gave me trouble.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones bare breast in front of sunset by sea horizon

I love sea, I love wide skies. The sunset strip captures the longing look, but the round shape on the right is almost irritating – at first glance. At second glance, a relentless competition develops between the two natural phenomena for the viewer’s gaze. I suspect that the placement of the nipple at the level of the wreckage is a clever attempt at camouflage – but I discovered it anyway!

Following Floss

Sepia image of floss topless taking a picture of herself in a bathroom mirror. We see her reflection in the main mirror and in the small round make up mirror

Bathroom selfies have something about intimacy, self-curiosity and the opportunity to strike a mirror pose without being disturbed. Things get really exciting when two mirrors come into play. Two pictures in one: One picture as a main motif, the other picture as a casual kind of making-of, a look behind the scenes, so to speak. And the whole thing in two versions.The green edit produces an alienating atmosphere… I prefer the sepia-style pic.

Focused and Filthy

Black and White of Missy wearing black PVC top that has cut out tear drop section between her breasts

At first I had the reflex to attribute my fascination for the subject to my personal preference for voluptuous busts and to chastise myself for not letting my lower body guide me when choosing a photo. But the longer I looked at the picture, the more I was impressed by the simple but effective composition. B/W works particularly well with the contrast between light skin and dark leather. The asymmetry and the light reflection on the leather of the left breast bring additional tension into the picture. The fact that I would like such clothing preferences in my own circle of friends is a topic for the time after viewing…

Erotic Tales for the Visual Woman

Man laying back naked in front of fire with large glass of red wine on the table beside him

For me, the light is the exciting thing here. The body tension to create a reflective surface as a counterpoint to the dark zones of the photograph. I feel a further, more substantive contrast between the comfortable surroundings and the posture, which is probably less comfortable in the long run. And I like flannel!

A Leap of Faith

Person suspended in rope bondage wearing a hood over their face and a ball gag

Staging in its purest form! Even though I personally have no interest in rope work, I can certainly appreciate the visual result and the effort along the way. The colorfulness of the equipment, the spotlight from the side and the very special inner state of the model, which is at least expressed in a stylized way, give the image a fascinating intensity.


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