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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 353

The prompt for February is out now and it is another letter one. Check it out HERE

In the meantime it is my great pleasure to welcome back Exposing 40 to the round-up She first did the round-up back 2015 so it is definitely about time for her to have another ago. If you don’t know her then you need to correct that immediately. You can find her on her blog Exposing 40 and on Twitter @Exposing40

Exposing 40’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I can’t believe it’s almost three years since I did my first round-up. Where does time go to? Anyway, I am delighted that my turn has rolled around again but – as everyone says every week – it wasn’t an easy decision. But here we go, in no particular order.

Kinky and Perky

Man in cream coloured panties

I had never really found men in lingerie hot at all. Even photos of someone who I usually find unequivocally hot no matter what they’re wearing did nothing for me when he was in women’s underwear. But then I attended Tabitha and John Benge’s drawing session at Eroticon last year and suddenly I was all ‘HANG ON A MINUTE’. Not long after that KP posted a super-hot photo of him in a beautiful pair of knickers and a suit. Too hot. Since then I’ve been pretty much ‘give me lots of cock in lovely lingerie please’. So yes, this photo needed to be here!

Annie Savoy

Woman laying on bed with legs up against the wall

Arty farty black and white, legs centre stage, a hotel room… anytime who looks at my photos regularly or knows how anything about my travel heavy lifestyle will know just how much this photo speaks to me! Simple, stylish and effective.

Understanding Flutterby

Looking through womans hair to the rope around her body

I really love Flutterby’s photography and I miss seeing her as regularly on on Sinful Sunday so I was happy to see this one come up. I love the colours of the rope and wax in photo – very gothy. I also love that it’s very slightly out of focus, which somehow makes it work even better with the words. And I love how she seems to be really absorbed in looking at the wax and rope-work. I have only played with wax and rope on a very few occasions but the times I have I have found myself getting more absorbed in how these things look rather than how they feel and so the concentration on Flutterby’s face resonated.

Cammies on the Floor

Composite image of headless figures
This is so creepy and so completely different to anything I would ever usually create myself but there is something about it I just love and I kept coming back to it. Although personally I instinctively take quite simple and uncluttered images, as a viewer I do find photo collages really intriguing and clever and they have so much potential for storytelling. The story here that presses my buttons is the anonymous woman and a group of anonymous men. So even though it’s creepy and hints at danger and violence it’s also a super hot scenario. I also love the idea behind the new meme that inspired this shot, which is about reinterpreting old art. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on that one.


womans back in fishnet body stocking
Well, I say my top 5 were in no particular order; they weren’t up until this point but this set of photos were absolutely my favourite this week. So simple but so beautiful. It’s not written in the commentary with this photo, but I have seen Mistress34F say on Twitter or elsewhere on her the blog that she just wants to show what a normal 39-year-old body looks like. She is doing it so well. I have enjoyed her photos on Twitter for a long time but her blog is reasonably new. I am so glad there’s a home for them now where we can revisit them with ease. I loved the whole set but my favourite was the one of her back. She just seems to melting into black velvet and the definition of her spine and curve of her hips and waist are wonderful.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 345

Just one a week to go until prompt weekend!

Welcome to the Weekly Round-up 345. This weeks it is my pleasure to welcome Bondage God to his first go at the round-up. You can find him on his own blog and on Twitter @bondagegod1

Bondage God’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It was only April that I discovered Sinful Sunday. I do enjoying seeing the creatively that people put into their images. While sometimes a simple unplanned image can look equally impressive. I seen this said many times but it is genuinely hard to pick 5 images out of the wonderful set uploaded, this week is no exception.

Pain as Pleasure

One woman lacing another woman in victorian style corset and bloomers

I was automatically drawn to this image as the sepia finished style created a photo that looked it was from a past era in time. Upon closer viewing and with the writing that accompanies the photo further adds to my liking of the image. The scene has been perfectly captured at the point of the girls still being dressed into there corsets, while the restraints positioned on the table are a hint of what is to commence.

Candy Snatch Reviews

women with pink hair and pin up 50's style lingerie kneeling on the bed talking on old fashioned telephone

I do love the Mooy range of lingerie from Lovehoney and Candy Snatch has created a wonderful way to tell a story between the images. The style of telephone she is using adds to the creativity of the shot.

The Other Livvy

Mans hand on womans leg who is wearing lace stockings

This image is a lovely taken shot like time has stood still and this perfect intimate moment has been caught on camera, as his hand is delicately placed between the pair of black stockings. The wedding ring just adds to the closeness of the couple.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

woman laying on her side on the bed wearing pink striped panties

Such a simple photo yet there is so much of the photo that stands out. I love the white bedsheets and the splash of pink underwear to brighten up the dark upcoming winter nights. The image has been taken at the perfect angle as the inclusion of the foot adds an extra dimension to the way the image is presented.

Tabitha Rayne

naked woman with breasts and genitals covered by social media icons

This is a good way of getting a very important point across about bloggers being silenced on several social media sites and the importance of highlighting the #SOSS.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 343

Yet again everyone has blown me away with their skill and creativity. I absolutely adore prompt week and I look forward to them every month. They do make picking a top 5 very challenging but it is a challenging that I always enjoy.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Fire and Honey

Rope on the floor in front of doorway that is light by bright day light

What I really love about this image is that it is a perfect example of how you can create something sexy and suggestive without there being anyone actually in the image and suggestive is definitely the right word for it in my opinion because it is a shot that fuels the imagination. I think it would make a great cover for a novel or a rope themed anthology.


Man with tattoos laying in the bath image looks like a pencil drawing

The over exposure of this image has created a shot that looks more like a pencil or ink drawing than a photograph. The simplicity of it is beautiful and I find myself drawn back to it time and again.

By Aurora Glory

woman sitting on black chair wearing black body harness and holding whip

I love Auroras account of how she researched creating over exposured images but all she could find was how to not over exposure your photos and so she just took all the info and basically reversed. A genius move because it worked perfectly and she created a striking image with sharp contrasts.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman laying nude on her side facing the camera with full breasts and soft tummy

This is a particular powerful image especially when you read the words that go along side it that talk about her complex relationship with her body and how she feels about exposing it in such a way. She also asks the viewer what we see and my answer to her was that I see ‘beauty, femininity, strength and grace.’

Eugene Noale

Man with piecring blue eyes shaving his head with clippers

This shot by Eugene absolutely blew me away this week. It is beyond good in my opinion. I love that the brightness of the image means that the only real colour and therefore the points of interest in the shot are his eyes which are captivating and the dark tones of his beard and the hair that has fallen on his shoulder but the more you look at it the more those eyes draw you in. It is a truly great piece of photography.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 332

Welcome to the Sinful Sunday round-up. Before I hand over to this weeks guest a little reminder to check out the prompt for September and also please do show my fabulous sponsors this month a bit of love. Sinful Sunday September Prompt

Now to introduce my guest this week. They are not a blogger but someone involved in the community via social media who enjoys Sinful Sunday. You don’t have to be a blogger or a contributor to the meme to write a round-up so if you fancy giving it a go, get in touch. This week the round-up is bought to you by @BondageMacGyver

Bondage MacGyver’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but did you all have to make it so difficult? Yes, I did initially type “hard”. As a plus, my account being new in the community, I discovered lots of excellent sites and fell down something of a sexy blog rabbit hole. Ably assisted by my Love, who has an eye for pretty things (hence choosing me), here we are.

Little Switch Bitchwomans wearing fishnets with legs up against the wall

Such delicious legs and what a beautiful body stocking. Do click through on her blog to see the rest. I love this choice of filter with creamy flesh and dark mesh.

Sex MattersWoman with button shirt and jacket open to show belly button

Several of this week’s submissions were about implication, the hint of what is left unseen. Using the imagination is always sexy. The reminds me of a shot I posted of my Love with “mannish” shirt and thick belt undone to reveal delicate lace and ribbons. Great minds, perhaps?

Happy Come Lucky

topless woman sitting at table with lots of nipple clamps

Warm colours and soft curves make a marked contrast with cold metal. This image holds such thrill of anticipation for me too. My first thought on viewing it was, “Mmm, dealer’s choice”.

Rabbit in Chains

Image of woman with chain around her neck

More cold metal with soft skin. The framing works so well, and I love the raw graininess. I somehow have a sense of the weight of the chain, and those slightly bared teeth are so hot.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly crawling in stream with shadows from weeping willow on her back and bottom

I have something of a taste for the outdoors. In this shot Molly resembles a wildcat huntress and I adore the juxtaposition of the shadow stripes with her curves and the dappled light on the water. Another evocative photo, I imagine the warm sun and cool river on her skin.

I am being teased as I peer over my glasses, something about my needing varifocals at my “great age”. There may need to be consequences for this cheek… I digress. Enjoy each and every sinful day. It’s been a pleasure.

MacGyver x

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