Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 431

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 431

topless woman in block squared mirrors

The prompt for August (can you believe it is nearly August?) is out now. Check out your task this month on the Prompt post.

This week I am delighted to welcome to the wonderful Holden and Camille back to the round-up. You can find them on their own blog Holden and Camille and on Twitter @h_and_c_dot_com

Holden and Camille’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Long time no see, for many of you! It has been a couple of years since we last joined in for a Sinful Sunday, but please know that we continue to follow, and that we remain in awe of the beauty and creativity that is regularly shared here! Selecting five for the round-up was the most enjoyable tough task that we have undertaken in quite a while…

I have loved you a long time

Naked woman sitting on rock on the beach

The beauty of this image speaks for itself, though we really enjoyed the story of its creation, as well. Many of us are familiar with the exhilaration of capturing an outdoor nude — particularly in a less-than-secluded location — and we share her delight that she took the risk. Also, we are fond of finding professional images and creating our own version of them (with varying degrees of success.) This result is so warm and carefree that we can almost feel the ocean breeze.

Annie Savoy

Holden refers to these as “terrain shots” — a nude body, presented with an alluring pose, simultaneously bathed in light and hidden by shadows. When done well, as this one most certainly is, it can make the fingertips twitch with a desire to go exploring. We agree with many of the comments on the post, saying that this deserves to be framed and placed proudly on display!

Mrs Fever

topless woman in block squared mirrors
What a brilliant and clever image! Or is it images? We spent a lot of time staring at this one, both the strategically located individual mirrors, and the photo as a whole, attempting to resolve the breaks into one. It shows a lot of creativity to take a wall-hanging like this and use it to make something memorable, and we are impressed and grateful for the effort!

Missus Whispers

Wonman in sexy underwear watering the garden

A gorgeous representation of one of our favorite ideas: performing a seemingly mundane household task while dressed (or undressed) inappropriately for it. The lingerie is exquisite, and compliments Missus Whispers perfectly, and her tiptoe pose is delightful, as well. It also reminded me that I need to go outside and water my flowers, wishing that I had an ensemble as lovely to wear while doing it!

Purple’s Gem

Woman laying on the ground with wax poppies drawn on her body
This wonderful photo was, for us, the class of the field this week. It is stunning, captivating, and technically brilliant. We really appreciated the time and thought that went into its creation, and that it was presented with a detailed caption to explain the process. It’s such a rewarding thing, to take an idea that you can plainly see in your imagination and turn it into something real. And this is an amazing result!


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  1. Annie Savoy says:

    What incredibly gorgeous images this week. I particularly love that the selections are so different from each other. And Iā€™m honored to be a part of the group! Thank you so much!!

  2. Wow, what a strong selection! I didn’t have time to view all the entries last week but these images are stellar. Thanks for highlighting them, judging is not an easy task!

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