Weekly Round Up 42

It's all about the image

Weekly Round Up 42

2nd January 2012

So here we are again my lovely readers and it is time to have a look back over last week’s fabulous Sinful Sunday and see which 3 posts caught my eye but before we do I just want to remind you that not this coming Sunday but the following Sunday (12th January 2012) is the first ever Sinful Sunday competition. You can read all about the theme and the prizes up for grabs on this post, Competition Alert

Now, back to my top 3 pics of the week…

Rebel who blogs at Rebel’s Notes

I spent ages looking at this shot trying to decide what it was about it that I found so erotic. I think it is the perfect placement of Rebel’s thighs in the back ground, the very sexy blue panties and the whole playful nature of it. There is something very teasing and suggestive about the whole image


John Yossarian who blogs at Yossarian Lives


What can I say about this one? It is fun, funny and apparently is the result of spending the whole weekend stuck in your flat whilst recovering from having the sole of your foot tattooed. I love the colour splash effect and lets be honest here, John has a serious good body so if anyone can pull this look off it is going to be him… just 😉  Do make sure you click on the image and go and see  his post. You won’t be disappointed I can assure you. He really can move his arse.

DDD who blogs at Dick Dyke Dick

I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be long until DDD featured in one of the weekly round-ups. She has regularly been one of my top 3 pics on Twitter and so I was pretty sure it would only be a matter of time before she found her way here. I love all of this woman’s work. She has an honesty and rawness about her writing and pictures that make addictive reading and this picture is a perfect example of that. It shows just how stunningly beautiful she is and illustrates perfectly her skill at staging a photograph that will take your breath away.

You can see the full list of players from this weeks Sinful Sunday HERE


Ps… Please make sure you click on the links and visit the other blogs. Leave a comment if you do, bloggers LOVE your comments and if you have a favourite of your own then be sure to leave me a comment and tell me who it is.

Pps… Don’t forgot about the forthcoming competition.


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