Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 53

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 53

19th April 2012

Ready for a quick round up of all things Sinful Sunday? I really do hope you looked through the full list of participants this week because if not you have really missed out. Usually I find picking my top 3 a fairly simple process. Sometimes I have to pick and choose a bit but in general they just seem to pick themselves. Not this week. This week I ended up with 7 posts on my list and at least 3 others that I could have easily included. After much repeat viewing, not that I am complaining about that mind you, and with some input from Twitter I did finally manage to whittle it down to this fabulous 3some…


rope bondage

Shalla is a new player to Sinful Sunday and to the blogging world as a whole but if this is the type of image she is going to be posting I am fairly sure her blog is going to be very popular. Capturing movement successfully within an image is no mean feat but Shalla has managed it beautifully here. The harsh white of the rope against the dark carpet has created such a perfect swoosh of the rope and if you want to see another really fabulous picture then head over to Shalla’s blog and see exactly what the rope was used for.

Honey Flick’s Tales

Submissive woman and the belt

I can’t quite put my finger on why this is such a good image but I just know that it is, there is something very beautiful about the bare back, the cut of the hair and the harsh contrast of the belt that just does it for me. Don’t find her intriguing? I would love to see the expression on her face or maybe her bottom, is it already sore and bruised or is she waiting? Although if you go and read the poem Honey wrote to go with this image then you can probably draw your own conclusions about that.

Tales From Under Our Covers

Sucking fingers

I know I said I had a hard time choosing my top 3 this week but really I should have said my top 2 because the moment I laid eyes on this image I knew it would feature here in this page. Do I need to really explain why? The shape of her mouth, the fingers, the beautiful curve of her neck, and the tongue all just combine to create a truly erotic and sensual image and is without doubt my top pic of the week.

To see the full list of entries from this week click HERE and don’t forget to let me know if you agree with my choice or not, maybe you have a very different top 3 to mine.




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