Sinful Sunday Round-Up 55

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-Up 55

3rd May 2012

Cutting to the chase this week and launching straight into my top 3 pics of the week starting with…

A Sensual Skeptic

Up Skirt Shot

This blog is exceptionally new in fact that might be an understatement as her Sinful Sunday post is only the second post this blogger has made but if this image is anything to go by this looks like the beginnings of a very promising blog indeed. The moment I laid eyes on this image I knew it would end up here this week. It is a classic shot brilliantly executed, it is erotic, sensual, suggestive and above all sexy as hell.

Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra naked

The title of Cara’s post is Innocence and yet this image for me is probably about as far removed from that word as you can get whilst still remaining somehow innocent. The pose is tantalisingly sexy, the hair gives it an abandoned and wild feel all combined with those big innocent eyes that look at you and if you are any thing like me make you wiggle in your seat as you stare into those eyes and slowly lose your own innocence.

A Couple Of Wankers

I do so love a man who can cook and more importantly will willing launch himself into the kitchen and get on with it. There is nothing like coming home to a man preparing your dinner for you, that is unless you come home to a man semi naked and preparing your dinner for you which is exactly what happened to Lucy. There are 3 images in this series and you will have to visit their site to see them all but this one is my favourite if the 3 and also my top pic of the week.

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One Response

  1. Jilly says:

    I love them all! Cara’s is a particular favorite of mine.

    But for some reason, Alex’s naked bum… yah, can’t stop staring.


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