Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 95

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 95

7th February 2013


I know I have written this many times before but picking just 5 images this week really was challenging and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but in my opinion the overall standard of all the images seems to rise week after week. You are a talented and creative bunch!

TravelNurse ToyBox

Travelnurse Toybox on Sinfulsunday

Despite the simplicity of this image it is highly erotic and very suggestive. Just feet and panties and yet so much is implied and you can’t help but look at it and wonder; is she touching herself, is she showing herself to someone; is she dressing or maybe undressing. It is one of those images that makes you smile as you let you imagination fill in the blanks.

Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

Heels n'stockings on Sinful Sunday

This is just one of a whole series of images from Yummy’s post this week and although they are all  very sexy it is this one that really stands out for me. I love the way the two woman are physically wrapped up in each other, the very sexy view down their bodies and finally and possibly best of all the truly fabulous smiles that tell you that these two woman are just having the best time together!

Being Blacksilk

Being Blacksilk on Sinful Sunday

If you have not read the post that goes with this image then I urge you to do as it is a wonderful piece that really compliments this deeply sensual and erotic picture. The image appears to be suggestive rather than graphic and yet comparisons between her ‘mothers china’ and the ceramic dildo as well as the analogy of the cream gives the image a deliciously perverse edge that is at first glance not apparent.

A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Penny's Dirty thoughts on Sinful Sunday

I find myself getting lost in this beautiful image. The lighting highlights her body perfectly and creates lovely shadows that emphasis the swell of her breasts the curve of her neck and of course the darkness between her tights. The view down her body draws your eye into the scene and the placement of the hand turns a stunning nude into into something a lot more voyeuristic.

Hubman’s Hangout

Hubman's Hangout on Sinful Sunday

I really struggled to chose between the 2 images in Hubman’s post this week because quite frankly they are both exceptional and if you have not seen the other one then you must change that immediately. In the end I went for this one as my favourite. Capturing good clear images in a low light setting is never easy. The lack of light can result in a grainy image and the shadows and darkness can be too much, consuming the detail in their darkness. This is none of those things, this image is a great example of a low lighting picture. The light available is just enough to highlight Hubman’s handsome cock and create a perfectly defined shadow against his thigh.

You can see the full list of this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday week 95



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  1. travelnurse says:

    Thanks so much for including my picture, I am glad you liked it!

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