Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 106

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 106

25th April 2013


In the mean time on with the weekly round-up

Cammies On The Floor

Cammies on the floor on sinful sunday

A different perspective on the traditional lipstick on your collar idea. I have a seen a few versions of this over the years but I think this is definitely one of the best ones. The focus is perfectly done with the cock being the centre of attention but beneath there is a delicious hint of what might just have been, the snippet of chin in the top right hand corner, the hand and… well is that a pair of panties and could they be nearer to her knees than her bottom?

Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

Sexual Adventures of a married woman on sinful sunday

This weekend Yummy has been celebrating her 2 year anniversary with YSL. In fact they celebrated last week in a truly hedonistic style and this beautiful image has resulted. The colour splash of pink is just glorious but it is the pose and the way they are connected that I actually think makes this image.

50 Shades Of Rediscovering Love

50 Shades of rediscovering Love on Sinful Sunday

There is something very sexy and provocative about this image. The obviously female body dressed in the white fishnet vest is in sharp contrast to the large strap-on all and when combined with the confident almost defiant pose creates a powerful image.

Plumptious Pea’s Pod

Plumptious Pea on Sinful Sunday

I think the gentle colours and the soft focus of the background actually enhances the almost ripe, bud-like quality, to Pea’s beautiful nipple. A strong image you can’t help but focus on and yet in the background there is clearly the hint of a pink tutu and toes which I find has me sitting here wondering just what wickedness the bigger picture might entail.

Through The Lens

A random scot on Sinful Sunday

I think I may have spent rather a lot of Sunday looking at this image. I have pondered what to write here about it as, this is smokin hot, seems woefully inadequate and yet other words fail me, maybe it is the image itself that has caused that reaction. However despite that this image is also, as Kazi so rightly said in her comment on the post, ‘A technical masterpiece’. The lighting highlights just the right amount of form and accentuates the maleness of the subject, in particular his chest and shoulders and the use of a shower curtain to create the see through effect was in my opinion quite simply inspired.

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