Sinful Sunday One Word Competition Results

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Sinful Sunday One Word Competition Results

Clives Kink on Sinful Sunday

1st August 2013

Sorry for the minor delaying in posting this. You can blame the English summer weather that lured me outside, naked, with its promise of heat but I am here now so lets get this show on the road.

As always the standard was exceptional and picking just 6 from the 44 entries was almost impossible and then trying to decide which should be the top entry and thereby win the Eroticon ticket was even harder, but thanks to the amazing generosity of Ruby Kiddell we didn’t actually have to pick just one because she offered to award two tickets. One to EroticonUSA and one to EroticonUK and so there is joint first place winners meaning we actually got to pick out 7 entries and they are

In 6th place – Clive Journeys Into Kink

Clives Kink on Sinful Sunday

Clive’s word was Shadow. We loved the playfulness and fun in this image. We all agreed that they made us smile and that as well as portraying his word perfectly they still remained so very Clive with both his bike and beloved panties featuring.

In 5th Place – A Dissolute Life Means

A Dissolute Life On Sinful Sunday

Hyacinth’s word was Juxtaposed. There is something very intriguing about this image and it certainly encapsulates her word beautiful. You can clearly see her in the image and yet there is another not to clear image clouding our view and then the stack of item on the foreground give the whole short a challenging depth of focus that makes you sit and ponder exactly what it is you are seeing.

In 4th Place – Through The Lens

Just A randon Scot on Sinful Sunday

Scot’s word was Release and quite frankly I am not sure we need to really explain why do we? However I will say this is probably one the most beautiful cum shots I have seen and is even more remarkable when you know this was a selfie shot. Capturing that moment quite so perfectly is tough at the best of times but when you are the camera man as well as the subject…. I think a round of applause might even be called for don’t you?

In 3rd Place – Curvaceous Dee

Curvaceous Dee on Sinful Sunday

Dee’s word was Bordello which, regardless of Dee’s entry is, in my opinion, such a great word. It is one of those words that just feels nice when you say it. (I know, you are all saying it now right?) It is also a rather tricky word to convey in an image because for many it conjures up a very specific ‘old time’ image but Dee seems to have recreated that vibe to perfection. She looks like a very alluring but very wicked fair maiden from a bygone era and like all Dee’s images they ooze fun, happiness and lots of sexiness.

In 2nd Place – Kink and Poly

Jade on Sinful Sunday

Jade’s word was Punished. This image is powerful and raw and no one can possible argue that is does not convey the meaning of her word in bucket loads. She looks utterly broken; covered in marks and bruises, left chained and twisted on the floor to contemplate her fate maybe. This image is more than just a moment it is a whole story.

In joint 1st Place (UK) – Down The Rabbit Hole

Walking human puppies

Mia’s word was ‘Walkies’. Fun, playful, sexy, beautifully composed. The lighting hints at early mornings and yet Mia appears to be wearing clothes more suited to a night out than early morning walks. It is that contrast between time, location and dress that in the judges opinion makes this image so strong and bold and a clear winner in our books.

In joint 1st Place – Kink etc.

Woman suspended over stream

Lori’s word was ‘Offering’ and without a doubt this is a truly amazing and beautiful offering. She looks completely natural and relaxed in her rope harness and yet there is something very primal and basic about the image too. The rope work is extraordinary she appears so comfortable and at ease but it is all the more amazing when to know that Lori planned and composed the shot herself, doing her own suspension and setting the camera up. The only help she had was someone to actually press the button. Lori was inventive, adventurous and as a result she produced a truly breathtaking entry that gets her joint first place and a ticket to EroticonUSA.


If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me; [email protected] to let me know where to send your prize and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish.

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection as is the full list of entries that you can find on Sinful Sunday Week 120

Also a big shout out to my amazing prize sponsors; Write Sex Right, SexToysUK, AngelsSexToys, That Position, Love Bites, Club Freak Wear and Tease. Please do go and check out their sites, without their support and generous donations there would be no prizes.

And finally a big thank you to my guest judges, Domsigns and the very generous Ruby Kiddell who gave up their time to look through all the amazing posts (I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and then gave up even more of their time to sit around and discuss them all so that we could come up with a list that we felt confidently reflected what we believed to be the best of the ‘One Word’ competition .


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  1. Congratulations to all wonderful winners! Beautiful photos 🙂

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