Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 149

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 149

20th February 2014

Don’t forget to check out the March prompt and get your images ready for the 2nd March 2014

That is all from me this week as the round-up is in the hands of the very talented Gritty Woman, if you don’t believe me about the talented bit just check out her Sinful Sunday post this week; The Tease


A few weeks ago, Molly emailed me to ask if I would like to be the guest judge on Sinful Sunday and I jumped at the chance. After all, my Sundays always include an hour or two of browsing entries and commenting on pictures anyway, so this would be fun. What I failed to consider was how difficult it would be to choose just 5 entries to make the weekly roundup. I had a shortlist of ten and did not want to have to leave anyone out, but rules are rules and so I agonised for hours (Not kidding! Maybe I took my job a little too seriously.) but finally I narrowed it down to my favourite 5. I don’t envy Molly. She has to do that every week!

Understanding Flutterby

naked female submissive by candle light

I think most of us can associate with this post and picture from Flutterby. We have all felt vulnerable at times. There is something incredibly sexy about vulnerability though and Flutterby shows us exactly what that is. I think it is the combination of bravery and trust, in allowing another to see parts of you that you’d prefer they did not see. I am glad she shared her vulnerability because this soft lit image shows off her soft, feminine beauty to perfection.

Great Love Toys

beautiful hanging breasts
It is clear how much Logan loves Renee’s boobs and his pride for his woman makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Renee doesn’t like her breasts but I am with Logan on this one. They are so naturally beautiful that I have this urge to reach out and stroke and squeeze them. I can certainly see why he cannot get enough of these beautiful boobs.

John D Stories

Cock torture chastity device

As soon as this picture opened up on my screen, a huge evil grin spread across my face. My partner and I are also into chastity, tease and denial and I also enjoy teasing my guy with vibrators while he is locked in his device. I imagine that soon after this picture was taken, the camera was abandoned and John put all his efforts into begging for sweet release from that tight compressing space, or attempted to will away a painful erection. I wonder if he got his release.

Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

threesome with a blow up doll

This picture confused my poor brain and that’s why I adored it. On one side you have the light heartedness and fun of the sex doll and that made me smile. On the other side of the image you have this smouldering hot embrace. His large hand gripping her neck and his lips pressed right up against her ear *shiver* is enough to set my pulse racing. My brain still cannot process the lightness and darkness combined in this image but I just can’t stop looking at it and that’s good enough for me.

The Joy of Kink

woman laying naked in the sunlight

She looks so serene, almost coy, but her erect nipples and thighs brushing together suggest her arousal is building with her anticipation of what is to come. I can almost feel the heat of that sunlight falling over her breasts and stomach as she lies there and I can imagine her feeling that warmth sinking through those sensitive areas of her skin and stoking her fire further. What a natural, beautiful image of submission. What a beautiful woman too.

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  1. Serafina says:

    YEAH!!! we made it into your selection!! thank you!!

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