Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 150

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 150

celebrating small breasts

Don’t forget to check out the March prompt and get your images ready for this coming Sunday – 2nd March 2014. Which means that next weeks round-up will be in the hands of Dumb Domme and she wants you all to tickle her funny bone!

This weeks top 5 are…

Spiritual BDSM
Dominant feeding his bound submissive
I find this image of Serafina restrained by her wrists but being fed by the hand of her dom very erotic and sexy. There is something about her helplessness and his nurturing act which for me highlights the power imbalance between them in such a beautiful way. It is sensual and very sexy

Modesty Ablaze
Woman on queening stool

This is such an amazing photograph. Although Modesty is clearly the one in control here, the way they seem to be reaching out to one another gives this image a rather tender feel to it which is clearly in contrast to the rope and nipple clamps.

A Slut’s Memoir
Woman holding coins up with her fingertips. BDSM
At first glance this image might not appear to be very erotic or sexy but this is one that deserves closer inspection. If you have not read the story that goes along with it  then you will have to read it truly understand what you are seeing but I will say is this is the work of a evil genius and this image actually shows how something so very simple can be twisted into something very challenging.

Not The Whip
Close up of womans pussy with fingers
This image would have worked perfectly in the macro photography theme that we did last month. It really is a beautiful shot. The focus is excellent with the fingers being slightly hazy but actually working to guide the eye into the centre of the picture. This image was also posted in black and white but for me, the colour version was far superior

Behind The Chintz Curtain
celebrating small breasts
One of the things I have always championed on my blog and on Sinful Sunday is the celebration of the human body in all it’s different forms. There really is no such thing as the ‘standard body’ shape or type despite what the mainstream media would like to have us think. Often small women are over looked when it comes to representing that diversity. After all when was the last time you read an erotic book or story and the female character was described as being small breasted or even flat chested? Anyway, this amazingly beautiful self portrait by Jane and her open and honest post about her body shape is most definitely a wonderful celebration of body diversity.

You can find all the entries this week on Sinful Sunday Week 150



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2 Responses

  1. Serafina says:

    Oh Man!! this is such a HUGE compliment!! Molly thank you so very much!!

  2. Thrilled to be included among such fab people and pictures. Xxx – K
    Oh, and p.s. . . . nobody was harmed in the Queening process and pictures. In fact we all had amazing FUN !!!

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