Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 178

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 178

This months prompt was “All about the women”. I picked this prompt as I thought it would make an interesting contrast to a couple of months ago when we tackled All about the men. I have decided that the prompts seems to be popular weeks, so I can only assume that as a general rule people like the creative challenge that they seem to inspire and this one was no different. As the day rolled on and the links built up on the page it became increasingly obvious that this prompt was turning into a real celebration of the female form. People shared not only amazing images but also powerful stories of body image issues and in most cases a love for their beautiful bodies regardless of any flaws they perceived about themselves.  Picking just 5 of these wonderful posts feels unfair really, because all of them really deserve to be highlighted for various different reasons but the round-up is the round-up and so I have tried my best to pick 5 very different images that I feel really celebrated the female form in some way.

This weeks top 5 pics

Rebel’s Notes

Lotus bloom tattoo

At first glance this image seems to be about Rebel’s tattoo, and in many ways it is. This is her tattoo half finished, but if you let you eyes linger and wander around the image we not only see a half tattoo but we also see 2 halves of Rebel, beautiful, womanly, bold and very very sexy.

Beck and her Kinks

Woman on her hands and knees showing pussy

There is something incredibly powerful about this shot from Becks. Despite the traditionally submissive pose Beck has twisted it to create an image that feels primal and strong. I think it is the combination of the wide open stance and the way her feet are anchored to the floor as if she is ready to pounce on her prey that make this such a striking image of a strong bold woman.

Kinky Mia

Womanly curves and stretch marks

I think this is the most beautiful image of Kinyk Mia I have seen so far. The angle of the shot and the pose of her body have created an image that shows of her beautiful sculpted curves and form. She looks like a Rubenesque beauty waiting to be consumed by an artist and turned into a decadent painting of feminine celebration.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Flatchested woman topless with tea and pearls

There is something utterly perverse about this image which absolutely delights me. The long skirt, the pearl necklace (which also have other connotations to them) the fine china, even the way she is holding herself  seem to be the trappings of a refined lady but this fine lady likes more than just afternoon tea, as the lack of shirt suggests. It is that contrast between the two different aspects of one women that makes this image so perfectly wicked.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Woman with period blood on her fingers

Menstruation is a sign of womanhood. When we first start out periods in our teen years it this very graphic sign of passing from girl to woman and yet this truly natural, clean, healthy act by the female body remains hugely stigmatised. In my Sinful Sunday I decided to focus on this aspect of being a woman and I was utterly delighted when Penny chose to join me in that and post this beautiful image. Woman have a long history of being taught that touching themselves is a taboo at the best of times let alone whilst on your period so for Penny to create such a visual challenge to this outdated and stupid idea has me cheering. This shot is a beautiful powerful celebration of menstruation and being a woman.

You can all this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 178

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 60Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

Woman with bright lipsticks

When taking a picture like this the temptation for many would be to place the lips in the centre of the image in an attempt to make them the focal point but what makes this image so interesting is that she didn’t do that and so we get the tumble of hair the hint of cleavage all presided over by her luscious pink lips.


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