Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 279

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 279

Woman laying naked on bed in shadows sinful sunday

The prompt for September is now out. So check out the post to find out what challenge is in store for you this time around.

This week it is lovely to welcome Jo from Teachers Have Sex to the round-up.

Jo’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Oof.  Only five pictures?!  I was really excited when Molly asked me to do a weekly round-up; I look at all of the photos every week, but it was a good opportunity to look deeply and see things a bit differently, to look at photos more than once.  Quite honestly – my favorite thing about doing this was looking at other peoples’ round-ups and seeing all these older Sinful Sunday photos that I’d never seen before; they’re incredible.

There were a few pictures (*cough, cough, tigers, cough, cough*) I was really gutted to leave out!  Most of the photos I picked in the end were taken in the Middle of Nowhere (at least they seem to be), which is a place I greatly appreciate.

This is a wonderfully supportive, creative, and artistic (and, if I may say so, hot) community; thanks to Molly for doing all the work that keeps it going every week.

Artful Amateurs

Woman laying naked on bed in shadows sinful sunday

What an introduction to Sinful Sunday!  My favorite of the series is the first image; I can’t stop staring at Em’s… feet (seriously, they’re beautiful).  I love the way the natural light pours in to give a soft glow to her body, how the curtain looks like it’s billowing a bit, the heart shape of her bottom, the fact that it’s a black and white photo but not the harsh monochrome black and white is often shot in, and all the curves present in the picture.  Every detail is lovely, even her barely visible fingers resting on her forearm in the foreground of the picture.

Filth and Erotica

Woman laying naked at mans feet sinful sunday

Another black and white photo set in a cabin; this one quite different!  There is something so erotically sinister about this picture that captures me – I think it’s the scarf (is it a scarf?) over her face and the calm, upright, present way he’s sitting – almost cold, like he’s waiting for something, calculating!  I love the arch in her back and the way she’s twisted upward against the wooden floor.  It creeps me out and turns me on all at once, which is wonderful.

A to sub Bee

woman naked in heathland looking for Heathcliffe sinful sunday

In one of many body positive pictures this week, we see Sub-bee playfully looking out into the dark forest, her hand at her forehead.  She felt a little trepidation about posting this photo, but what *I* see is a sexy redhead with glasses standing boldly among green ferns and… heather?  It’s a heady combination!  As an English teacher, I also admit that the title tickled me.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman laying naked in rape field sinful sunday

Molly opens the post by quoting Thoreau: “It’s not what you look at that matters – it’s what you see.”  This delights me, because Molly sees something sinister, dark, and fearful in the photo – the idea of being hunted.  I see a playful picture in a field full of yellow flowers with someone lying in wait for her lover, coyly having tied herself up!  A million pairs of eyes can look at the same work of art and see a million different things, all colored by our experiences, cultural backgrounds, feelings about the subject matter, etc., and this photo is proof of that.  Plus, it’s just fucking beautiful.  The last sentence in the post that says the image lets us see inside her mind rather than just see her body stayed with me long after I stopped looking at the photo.

Cammies on the Floor

woman on her back in rope harness sinful sunday

Who can resist a woman bound on the floor?  Not me.  Her body actually looks luminous, and the dark ropes make a nice contrast against it.  The pattern of whatever she’s lying on is gorgeous, and the warm tone of the sepia coloring makes the photo feel a bit vintage; all the pieces fit nicely together, and both her body and the ropes look amazing.

Massive thank you to Jo for this weeks round-up. You can find her on her own blog Teachers Have Sex and on Twitter @TeachersHaveSex

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 157Love and Lust in London

woman in shower sinful sunday

I love how the light is running down over her body as if it is tracing the path of the hot water that is cascading over her. This is beautifully sensual and very erotic and makes me want to slip into the heat of a shower and just enjoy the simple pleasures of such a moment.


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