Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 281

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 281

nude self portrait in bathroom mirror sinful sunday

Finally last reminder for the prompt this Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing what the Letter B inspires.

Now over to this weeks guest

Elliott Henry’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was pleasantly surprised when asked to take part in a Sinful Sunday Roundup. Until I realized, I could only pick five.  Five, are you kidding me?  As of this writing… there are 36 entrants!!!  As of late, I have been too busy to partake in erotic pursuits, such as SS, MM, WW, and that Kinky one.  So when Molly told me to get my act together and send her my picks, I logged onto Sinful Sunday and started looking.  I decided to look at just the images and try not to see who has made the post nor pay attention to the text.  So my picks are based on interesting photos that caught my eye and or the state of my cock when viewing. Of course, my own personal preferences influence my choices.  Here are my 5 in no particular order…

Happy Come Lucky

nude self portrait in bathroom mirror sinful sunday

This Circle of Wanton Desire popped right out of my computer screen.  Breasts perfectly framed and begging for attention.  I love selfies using a mirror, and this sexy image hanging in space got a rise out of me.  Now if we just had a full-length mirror…

Sexy Little Ideas

Model taking off pants on catwalk

A striking photo.  The pose and the look on the model’s face caught my attention.  I’m guessing they strip out of their briefs into something even briefer.  A clever Magic Act and perfectly framed.

A Slut’s Memoir

woman with cum all over her face

I’m sure this one got everyone’s attention… it certainly got mine.  I’m not a big fan of POV closeups like this usually unless I’m part of the process, but the gusto she shows and the pose made me immediately want to jump into that tub.  I loved the synonyms for ‘flooded’ shown and would love to have helped shower this sexy woman.


Woman with open blouse and necklace

I love this photo.  I sprang to life the moment I saw it.  My big weakness.  No, not the striped shirt or the jewelry.  The image of an unbuttoned shirt with breasts begging to be exposed was an instant turn on.  The way the photo was processed, I think, made it even sexier, and I wanted to pull that blouse apart.

Exhibit A

Woman giving man a handjob sinful sunday

My favorite thing to do.  Even better when someone is doing it for me, or we are masturbating next to each other.  I love to watch and be watched, as the couple here is definitely enjoying.  Hand jobs are awesome as proclaimed, and this one is nicely filmed with a happy ending.  I’m jealous.

A big thank you to this weeks guest for his pics. You can find him on his own blog Life of Elliot… and all that jizz and on Twitter @ElliottHenry5

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 159Cara Sutra

Woman with thigh high boots and teddy

I have so much love for this shot. The boots, the doxy, Cara’s amazing legs and of course the teddy, almost seems to be sneaking into the shot and yet it is the juxtaposition between all those things which creates a strong image.


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  1. Thank you, Elliot – you make the displaying of my far-too-white ass cheeks in public entirely worth it (besides, of course, the inherent fun of making an public ass of oneself).

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