Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 283

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 283

Discarded high heels woman in lingerie on the bed Sinful Sunday

The new prompt for October is out now. I can’t believe we are already into the twilight months of 2016. It seems to have zoomed by. 2017 will be an exciting year for me as in March I, along with Girl on the Net and Michael, will be bringing Eroticon to London. If you are a sex blogger, erotic writer or any other type of erotic creative then you really should check it out.

Now onto this weeks round-up and it is Cammies turn to pick her top 5

Cammies on the Floor Top 5 Pics of the Week

Last time I had Sis A to help me decide, but this time it was all on me. Experience has taught me that narrowing down is a challenge as so many images can speak to me and so many people are so creative and/or beautiful at taking photos.
As always, the body positive images are overwhelming, so thank you, Molly, for creating a space that celebrates all bodies, sexuality, and in a safe space to do so.

Frisky in the 916

Discarded high heels woman in lingerie on the bed Sinful Sunday

I love photos where the person is slightly out of focus and something else tries (but fails) to grab my attention. The discarded high heels are sexy, but the sensuality of the view of the woman on the bed, almost unaware of us as a viewer, is far more powerful and kept my gaze.

Candy Snatch

Woman in suspenders and stockings with bruised bottom

Lace, lingerie, garters, a beautiful bottom, and marks to remind of a great time are such a win for me. I like how this is an obvious selfie, yet speaks of a time with a partner and serves as a reminder. I love marks, and she wears them amazing well.

Amethyst, Undone

Red lips mouth open like a glory hole sinful sunday

The red of her lips are mesmerizing to me, and the overall editing is brilliant. It seemed surreal at first. When I clicked on “glory hole” I wasn’t expecting to see a mouth waiting, but I loved the title with this picture. Once I could tear my look away from those lips and mouth, the unfocused chain around her neck and nestling between her cleavage make this a visual delight.

Exhibit A

man sunbathing naked selfie shot sinful sunday

A naked man, rest, relaxation, sun, and grass make this such a picture I want to be a part of. I so wanted to run my hands over the body and feel the texture of his body hair, and then feel the texture of the grass alongside him. Both speak to me in a tactile sense, and anything that makes my hands yearn to feel is going to get me going.

A to sub Bee

Sub bee in red rope with legs ties to arms sinful sunday

I don’t think she was aware of the audience doing the round up, but it sometimes helps to know your audience. In this case, rope bondage will always triumph with me! But beyond that, the editing with the vibrant red rope wrapping her in such a tempting position would have gotten me as well. She looks amazing, exposed, spread, waiting. I’d hate to let a woman like that go, so she needs to be spotlighted again

Huge thank you to Cammies for this weeks round-up. You can find her on her blog Cammies on the Floor and on Twitter @cammiesonfloor

No Blast from the Past this week as I have run out of time but it will be back next week as usual.


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